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Exclusive: ‘Bloodline’ Writer/Director Matt Thompson Talks With Cinelinx About the Eerie...


Actor, director and screenwriter Matt Thompson is a man with the same quintessential questions we have about the supernatural forces that have been with us forever. Ten years after his initial idea for the Osiris Films horror movie Bloodline, the film is finally ready for a September 27, 2013 release. A true labor of love guided by gut instinct, providence and daring “just go for it” faith, Matt chatted over the phone with Cinelinx writer Kyra Dawson to tell us all about the experience of wearing 3 hats in the production of Bloodline. Juggling the filmmaker triad of roles -- screenwriter, actor and director -- is a daunting effort that only a daring few are willing or intrepid enough to attempt. Come inside and see what took place on set at Bloodline and find out if Matt believes in curses and possession.

A Conversation With the Director and Cast of ‘6 Month Rule’


We're always grateful when filmmakers take a moment out of their schedule to share their stories with TMP. This week at the Austin Film Festival we were able to sit down with Writer/Director/Actor Blayne Weaver and a few cast members from his new film '6 Month Rule'.

Exclusive TMP Interviews: Director Justin Chadwick on ‘The First Grader’



Reading will end poverty. Free education for all.” ~ Kimani N'gan'ga Maruge, The First Grader

Have you ever wanted something that would change your life that should never have been placed beyond your reach in the first place? Can you imagine for a moment being 84 and not knowing how to read? What would you do? This is the premise for the remarkable film The First Grader, directed by Justin Chadwick and based on a true story.

Kimani N'gan'ga Maruge is an 84 year old veteran Mau Mau freedom fighter who lives in a village in Kenya, Africa. When the Kenyan government declares that it will offer free education for all, Maruge decides that he will finally get the education that was denied him. He decides to go to First Grade at an isolated primary school so that he can learn to read. Once, he fought for his country’s right for freedom from colonialism. Now he will defend his right to learn to read.

Director’s Spotlight: Clay Liford


While at South by Southwest I had an opportunity to sit down with Clay Liford and Barak Epstein, a very talented duo out of Dallas, to discuss their film ‘Earthling’.  The movie is a science fiction film about a group of people who realize their lives aren’t what they seem to be, and that they are actually aliens living inside of “host” human bodies.

CircuitMess Partners with WB to Launch Batmobile STEM Kit

For generations, the Batman franchise has been a beloved IP in almost every household. Inspired by the caped crusader, Croatian startup CircuitMess created a...