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5 Other Directors We’d Love to See Revive the Ninja Turtles


Not too long ago word came down that Jonathan Liebesman was in talks to direct the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. While I was excited for news about the film finally moving forward, I can't say I was overly thrilled with the choice of director. While not necessarily bad, there were a few other directors I think would do an awesome job with the Turtles reboot instead.

[UPDATED] Realizing There Is Still Money To Be Had, Michael Bay...


Bay will film his "small" film first, but could return to the Transformers franchise as soon as Winter 2012.

[Updated: Bay has recently released a statement about his involvement in the film at this official site.  According to him,

Right now I’m not decided on Transformers 4… Studio’s are passing rumors but I’m not sure what I’m doing? I know I’m going to do Pain and Gain early spring but that’s it for right now. I’m leaving all my options on the table. I’ve got several Studio meetings in the next two weeks.

Pixar Unveils Two New Original Films at D23!


Dinosaurs and the human mind may sound like topics best reserved for the Discovery channel, but that's not the case.  These are the new plots for Pixar's next couple films.  To find out more details and how exactly is directing the two films, hit the jump.

Directors Shortlist for ‘Die Hard 5’ Features Joe Cornish, Justin Lin,...


And just like that, the director's race for Die Hard 5 has gotten a lot more interesting.  And just as quickly, I imagine Fox will make the safe and easy choice.  But we can dream, can't we?

23 Major Directors Write Letter of Petition Against Premium VOD


With DirectTV soon to launch a new VOD service called Home Premium (a service that would allow subscribers to view movies a mere 2 months after hitting theaters), 23 high-profile directors, including James Cameron, Peter Jackson, and Michael Bay have banded together.  They've written an open letter denouncing the service, and presenting a call to arms for all the creative community.

Director Sidney Lumet Dead at Age 86


One of cinemas greatest auteurs has sadly passed away.

Exclusive – TMP Interviews: Mike Lordi, Writer and Director of Retribution


Retribution. What does that word mean to you? Mike Lordi, director of Paranormal and Trepidation, gives us his rendition of the meaning of the word in a film of the same name.

Retribution is Lordi’s latest film about a man named Ryan Mitchell who wants to find out who is responsible for the mysterious murder of his friend Max. There are two gangs that Max was a part of that top Mitchell’s list. One gang is lead by Marcos while the other gang is lead by Dmitri, however, both gang leaders work for Tony Gallinari. Agents Harris and Bates, who have other plans for the Gallinari crime family, intercept Mitchell’s crusade for vengeance. Watch as the action unfolds in this crime thriller as Ryan Mitchell attempts to get RETRIBUTION.

Retribution is about to start the festival circuit and I got a chance to chat with Mike Lordi about his film, what it’s like to not only write and direct a film, but also to act in the same film, as well as a little bit about his thoughts on filmmaking.

Exclusive: TMP Interviews – Alex Ballar and Beau Nelson of Zombie...


“Nothing Kills A Buzz Like A Zombie Attack!” This is the catchy tagline for the movie Zombie Drugs, a film where comedy intersects with the horror of zombies created by recreational drugs. Vinny and Sebastian decide to set up shop in the only industry they know — the drug business. With the help of Sebastian’s jealous ex-girlfriend and her rich best friend, they set out to produce and sell a drug that gives a perfect high. The four of them take on the drug world, fighting mobsters, frat boys, and yes, even the occasional zombie.    

Just when we thought we knew everything about hanging out with the undead, Zombie Drugs gives us a bit of a new spin on zombiedom. Creator Alex Ballar and producer Beau Nelson of Manginity Films sat down with TMP to discuss their film Zombie Drugs and tell us a little bit about their thoughts on the undead.

Is Shane Black pursuing Iron Man 3?


Is this Marvel's new LETHAL WEAPON?  Or will Shane Black give the offer THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT?

Aren't puns great?

Stephen Sommers will not return for the ‘G.I Joe’ sequel


Somewhere in the farthest stretches of the galaxy, someone cares about this news.  Even farther away, someone actually likes and respects the filmography of Stephen Sommers.  Well, those people are in for a mighty big disappointment, because it seems that Sommers will not return to direct the sequel to the critically lambasted and Razzie nominated G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  Alas, that Cobra will have to finish rising without him.  More on Sommers departure after the break.