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Disney announces a whole slew of 3D Blu-Ray releases


Disney has really been enjoying its 3D lately.  The upconversion for Beauty and the Beast apparently hit well with people who attended this year’s Show West, and Disney has been hyping up that film for a long time.  However, delays have pushed this film out of Disney’s theatrical schedule.  Now, it seems like it will skip the theatrical route all together, and instead go straight to Blu-Ray...but still in 3D.  More after the break.

Editors and The Filmmakers Who Love Them


With the untimely death of Quentin Tarantino’s  long-time collaborating film editor Sally Menke earlier this year it raises the question; just how important is a film editor to director’s vision? Sidney Lumet says in his book, Making Movies, the two main elements of editing are, “juxtapositioning of images and creating tempo.”  So it would follow that in order for a director with a strong style (like Tarantino) to maintain that style throughout his career, finding a good film editor is essential.

Christopher Nolan’s directors shortlist for the new ‘Superman’ revealed


Godfather Nolan (as Warner Bros. should now be calling him) has a pretty good idea on who he wants to have direct the new Superman film.  But who are the lucky five chosen to be on his shortlist?

Humble Origins


Being a collective of filmmakers, we at TheMoviePool draw our own inspirations from a multitude of sources, the most notable being, those intrepid pioneers that came before us.  While their inherent genius may not have been apparent during their lives and careers, it is unquestionable now.  It is also nice to know that many of these talents came from as humble beginnings as many of us do.

Sci-Fi…It’s Dead Jim


Unlimited Human Imagining Proves Quite Limiting

Many of us contributors at THEMOVIEPOOL can be classified as die-hard fans of specific genres.  Jordan is a Monster Action movie follower.  I myself am a die-hard Horror aficionado.   And I’m pretty certain Gabriel will never quench his inhuman thirst for Children’s Animation, most notably The Care Bears Movie (1985).