Full Length Monsters University Trailer Goes for Laughs Over Story

Disney/Pixar has released a brand new full-length trailer for the upcoming Monsters Inc. prequel, Monsters University.  While it won't give you an idea of what's going on in the overall plot, it's filled with plenty of good jokes. 

Watch The Full Disney Short Film Paperman Online

One of the best things about seeing Wreck-It Ralph in theaters (aside from how good the movie turned out to be) was that the Disney animated short, Paperman, was attached to it.  Now it's been nominated for an Academy and if you missed it, or just want to watch it again, Disney has put the full short film online for your enjoyment.

Disney’s 1952 Officially Titled Tomorrowland

It has been a big week for Disney. Now that they've announced a director for the next Star Wars film, more news has been released about another upcoming project, previously known as 1952

It’s Official: Disney Issues a Press Release Confirming Abrams is Directing...

We reported it a few days ago as rumor because we hadn't received any official word yet, but Disney has now issued a press release confirming that J.J. Abrams is in fact directing Star Wars Episode VII, including quotes from George Lucas and Abrams himself on the decision. 

Release Date Madness: Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Muppets 2, 1952,...

Diseny sent out a press release earlier this afternoon with a schedule update for thier upcoming films.  Within the release came the announcement of release dates for Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Muppets 2, Brad Bird's secretive sci-fi project 1952.  On top of that, there are a couple shuffles, and 3D confirmations for the upcoming Marvel films. 

The Biz: Disney Now Officially Owns Lucasfilm

We've know about Disney taking over Lucasfilm for quite some time now, and the Internet has been flooded with the hopes and dreams of us fanboys for what we want out of the next Star Wars films.  However, the deal wasn't set in stone...until today.  Contracts have been signed, hands were shook, and Disney now officially owns Lucasfilm. 

Disney Definitely Moving Forward With Tron 3; Hopefully It Won’t Be...

TRON: Legacy was a fairly polarizing movie when it released back in 2010.  Some hated it vehemently, while others continue to staunchly defend it.  Regardless of where you fell on the spectrum, most agree that it didn't do nearly as well as expected.  While Disney had laid out plans for a third movie, the weaker box office returns put that all in doubt.  Now, it looks like they're full ahead with TRON 3 once again. 

Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg Will Be Writing Star Wars Movies,...

Not too long ago reports were coming in that Lawrence Kasdan (who wrote Return of the Jedi) and Simon Kinberg were tapped by the House of Mouse to pen the scripts for Star Wars Episode VIII and IX.  Now it looks like they will be writing some Star Wars scripts, but in the form of some spin-offs and not 8 & 9.  Meaning the Star Wars universe is really about to get a lot bigger.

Is Disney/Lucasfilm Planning on 2-3 Star Wars Films a Year?

The newest issue of Entertainment Weekly is all about the hottest movie topic right now; Star Wars.  A quote in the issue from Kathleen Kennedy claims they are wanting to do 2-3 films a YEAR.  Many on the internet have taken this to meaning we'll be getting two or even three Star Wars films a year, but don't get too excited just yet for it. 

An Oscar Winning Pixar Alum Will Pen The Script for Star...

Yeah, don't worry; it's been 24 hours since our last one, so of course we have another Star Wars releated story for you guys today.  But this one's actually pretty substantual, as a writer has been hired to tackle the next three Star Wars films.  Well...kinda hired.  It's a weird breakdown, but we can confirm at the very least that a writer has written a three film treatment of Star Wars and, if Disney likes it enough, he'll be hired on to write all three. And even better...he's a man we all know and love.

Beasts & Behemoths – Dungeons & Dragons Inside Look

Behold the officially licensed fifth installment in the bestselling Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer’s Guides series by Jim Zub, Stacy King, and Andrew Wheeler! Beasts...