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Rumor Control: Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Idris Elba Starring in Quentin...

People always pay close attention whenever Quentin Tarantino is casting his next film.  I mean, the man has made some odd caating choices.  I mean, Brad Pitt as a Jewish Texan Army badass?  Giving John Travolta a role in a good movie?  Totally out of left field.  So now, anytime something even VAGUELY related to Tarantino's casting process is mentioned, everyone takes it to the next level.

Like right now, for instance.

Title and Plot Details Revealed for Quentin Tarantino’s Next

Whenever Quentin Tarantino makes a movie, the world is watching him every step of the way.  Every little drop of information is scrutinized, and everything revealed is glorified.  So when you get not only the title of his next film but also the plot description, it's like a Tarantino Christmas!  Check them out after the jump.

Everything Is Canon: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra

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