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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Chapter 1 Gets a November Release...

Irrational Games and 2K has announced today exactly when Bioshock Infinite fans can get their hands on the first chapter of the story based DLC, Burial at Sea.  This new story addition takes players (along with Booker and Elzabeth) back to the world of Rapture for a Noir style adventure on November 12th.  Come inside for the full press release and pricing details!

Watch the First 5 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea

Irrational Games is hard at work on the first chapter in their upcoming story-based DLC for Bioshock Infinite, which returns gamers to the world of Rapture with Booker and Elizabeth.  Today they've released the first five minutes from chapter one of Burial at Sea for you to take a peak at.  Come inside to check it out!

PSN and XBLA Dates Confirmed for Star Wars Pinball: Balance of...

Today, Zen Studios, have announced the official release dates for the upcoming trio of tables for their impressive (and addicting) Star Wars Pinball game, called Balance of the Force, complete with a new trailer highlighting Starfight Assault table.  Sadly, while everyone else will be playing the game in just a couple weeks, Wii U and iOS players will have to wait a little longer.  Come inside to check out the details!

Season Pass Details Revealed for Batman: Arkham Origins

With Batman: Arkham Origins only a few weeks away from releasing and allowing gamers to suit up as their favorite superhero, more and more details are starting to come out.  Today, WB Interactive announced the details on the game's upcoming DLC Season Pass, that will give early buyers a discount on five downloadable additions to the game.  Come inside to check them out!

Zen Studios Reveals the Next 3 Tables for Star Wars Pinball

Back when Zen Studios, the developers behind the awesome Pinball FX 2, announced they had acquired the rights to created pinball tables based off of Star Wars, they initially announced a total of 9 tables would be happening.  We've had the first three for a while now (and they were incredible!), but now they've revealed the next three tables coming in Balance of the Force.  Come inside to check out the first screenshots and trailer!

Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia comes to Disney Infinity with new DLC

The free DLC lets you venture around a custom-built Toy Box modelled after the city Of Columbia, complete with lots of rails for getting...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Vengeance Available on PS3

The lame wait to finally play the DLC on PS3 and PC is over for Call of Duty fans.

Newly Announced Bioshock Infinite Lets you Play as Elizabeth…in Rapture

Today brought word to eager fans of the DLC for Bioshock Infinite.  The first one,  which puts the emphasis squarely on combat is available now, and the second (and third technically) is a story-based adventure that puts you in the shoes of Elizabeth all the way down in Rapture...Come inside to read all the info, see new stills, and the trailers for each of these DLCs. 

Long Awaited Scott Pilgrim vs. The World DLC Released

Fans of the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World game (downloadable on the XBLA and PSN) have been waiting a long time for it to get the promised DLC, that would bring a new playable character, as well as online mulit-player (like since 2010 kind of long).  After earlier rumors that the add-on had been cancelled altogether, it's finally been released and playable...right now!

Final Mass Effect 3 Story DLC Brings Commander Shepard’s Saga to...

For some, the end of Mass Effect 3 was the end for Commander Shepard, but gamers have been able to pick up the role again through the game's various DLC stories.  Now, Bioware is prepared to give fans a sendoff on the beloved character with one final Story DLC that brings it all home to the Citadel.  Read on for the full details.

DC Universe Transitions Into an All Digital Comics Platform

After a lot of speculation, Warner Bros. has made it official. All original DC shows will make the jump to HBO Max as DC...