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Watch the Super Cool Nerd Show Live from QuakeCon 2014!

Several members of the Cinelinx team (including our SCNS crew) are thoroughly enjoying themselves at this year's QuakeCon event going down right now.  We've partied, played games, talked with Bethesda and we're still going strong.  Tonight, however, we're hosting a special show of SCNS Live directly from the QuakeCon floor.  Come inside to find out all the details and to watch it live tonight!  

Doom Officially A Reboot / Returning To Roots

Bethesda / ID Software teased us with a Doom trailer at E3, but said any further details would need to wait for Quake Con. Shortly after that it was announced that the Quake Con details would have a media blackout to give attendees something special. Turns out the trailer from Quake Con was not allowed to be recorded, and journalists were left reporting their reactions following it. 

Doom Has it’s First Trailer, but News Has To Wait For...

During E3 Bethesda and ID Software showcased a new teaser trailer for the new Doom game (which for some reason they're no longer calling Doom 4)! The sad news, however, is this is all we're getting for now until QuakeCon...Still a trailer for the new Doom is pretty damn exciting.  Come inside to check it out!

Garth Davis To Direct New Tron Movie

It's good news for Programs as Justin Kroll over at Deadline is reporting that Garth Davis, director of "Lion", will helm Disney's new "Tron"...