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Classic Horror Origins: Count Dracula

Everyone may recognize Dracula, but how many of them actually know where he came from? This quick recap will give you the facts you need to know regarding one of the horror genre’s most enduring characters.

The Mummy Failed Due to Universal’s Bad Strategy

Universal Studios is hoping that their new “Dark Universe” will be the next MCU. So far, they’re off to a weak start. The Tom Cruise action flick The Mummy, which is the official beginning to the “Dark Universe”, is seriously underperforming at the box office. The movie’s poor performance highlights a major miscalculation that will continue to derail the “Dark Universe” unless Universal changes its strategy.

Monster Men Unite: Universal’s Monster Reboot Has Its Team of Writers

The latest cinematic shared universe, which will consist of the classic monsters of film from Universal Studios movie library, is moving ahead. They’ve gathered a team of writers—some veteran, some fairly new—to act as the Think Tank who will oversee the rebooted Cinematic Monster Universe.

Top 5 Shared Cinematic Universes

Shared, multi-franchise universes are all the rage right now, with many studios jumping on board to milk the cash cow. Cinelinx takes a look back at the five best combine universes in film. 

Universal Confirms Dracula Untold is the First Entry in a Shared...


Shared cinematic universes are all the rage now; and even the monsters are getting in on the act. Universal Studios confirms what has been rumored for a year now. There will be a unified film universe for the iconic movie monsters and Dracula Untold is the first volley in the game.

Poster Madness: Interstellar, VHS: Viral, Fury, & Dracula Untold

When movie marketing starts to hit, it all seems to hit at once.  Case in point, a handful of new movie posters have dropped for various films, and rather than bog you down with a bunch of tiny articles about it, we're presenting them all in one convenient place!  Come inside to check out new posters for Interstellar, Dracula Untold, and more!

First Trailer for Dracula Untold Goes the Action Route

Just last week, Universal pictures debuted a pair of movie posters for their upcoming Dracula Untold, and they were pretty decent looking.  It's a new and different take on the traditional vampire movie, incorporating the "history" of Vlad Tepish, with the mythology of the Dracula we all know.  Today, they've debuted (officially) the first trailer for the movie, and it looks more like an action film than anything else. 

Luke Evans Gets Medieval in First Posters for Dracula Untold

Universal Pictures has been keen on kickstarting their beloved "monster" movie properties for a while now.  Their Werewolf reboot didn't do so hot, and recently they've lost another director for The Mummy remake, so things seem to be a little rocky right now.  At least one thing is moving forward as planned, and that's their new take on the classic Dracula story.  They've released a pair of new posters for you to enjoy, so come in and check them out.

Last of Us 2 Delayed and QuakeCon Cancelled Due to Covid-19...

After a long break, The 2nd Opinion Podcast has returned! We are back with episode #288 and today we will talk about The Last...