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Seamlessly Sony, a response to Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference

Although initially thrilled by the gestalt of Sony’s surprise tactics and sultry surfaces, the laughing specters of Microsoft and some lingering doubts demurred my once gleeful countenance to something more ambivalent. While titles like The Last Guardian (Team Ico), and Final Fantasy 7 (Square Enix) first seem like the epitomization of a Sony E3 Press Conference, the actuality is that only one of those will become a Playstation exclusive (FF7 ends with the disclaimed have it “first” on PS4). And yes, there are also some promising third party teases like Guerrilla Games’s Horizon: Zero Dawn, No Mans Sky, and Media Molecule’s Dreams, but those are still so far, and 2015 continues to look barren for the system whose 2014 press conference ostensibly emphasized games over all else.

Taking a Look at Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (E3 2015)

While at E3, I got the chance to go hands-on with Square Enix’s brand new Deus Ex game, Mankind Divided.  From what I’ve seen, the developers have definitely improved upon an already solid game.  Come inside to check out my initial impressions.

Contrary to Popular Belief, Nintendo didn’t “Lose” E3 and Here’s Why

So. I’m guilty. I’m guilty of being one of the self-proclaimed fans of Nintendo who shamelessly complained at what seemed like the most lackluster Nintendo showing at E3 in years and after a day of pouting I’ve realized how wrong I really was. 

The Fathergamer Podcast is at E3!

Well, if you havent been keeping up with the Fathergamer Podcast then you are in for a treat.  TFGP and SCNS Live are BOTH onsite at E3 2015 and are going to be delivering a podcast every day for our Cinelinx family and other loyal listeners out there on the Interwebs.

Siberia Gaming Headsets Coming To Consoles

The new Siberia Gaming Headsets are coming to console players for the first time. You can get them now on Amazon, more information after the jump.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Release Date Announced

If you want to know when you can play the latest Tony Hawk well we have the release date for you right after the jump!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Cut Gun Combat Entirely

Mirror's Edge Catalyst has cut gun gameplay entirely, unlike the first game in the series.

Nintendo Does What it Does Best: Giving Players Unique Gaming Experiences

With the upcoming 30th anniversary of the beloved Mario franchise, Nintendo announced plans for many new titles that are giving players a twist on some of their favorite franchise titles! 

E3 2015: Capcom Announces New VR Focused Engine

If VR is your interest, then you might want to see what Capcom has in-store for Sony's Project Morpheus!

E3 2015: Just Cause 3 Gets Release Date And Gameplay

Just Cause 3 will blow up a whole bunch of stuff with a grappling hook later this year. Come check it out!

Focal Point: Return of the King

After a few years, Focal Point is back with an all new (somewhat topical) comic and the fool's hope of returning every week for...