The Downward Spiral of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is making headlines and not in a good way these days. Everywhere you look, Charlie Sheen and his bizarre escapades are front page diversion. He is a star that is undoubtedly in some sort of obvious downward spiral if not in real jeopardy. He’s on the brink of irrevocably ruining his career, his image and his credibility with lightning speed. In a trend that seems to be an epidemic in Hollywood where almost every week if not every day we can expect to hear of another errant star in trouble of some sort, Charlie Sheen may be the most out of control and audacious movie star to ever fall from grace. 

Comic Book Movies: Is it time to rest?

While the genre spent many years appealing to a niche audience and suffering terrible adaptations, comic book movies have found their way into the mainstream.  Now that they have, though, is it possible we're being overwhelmed by them? 

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