CWL Champs Power Rankings: TK Remains On Top; Evil Geniuses Surging

The race for the coveted Call of Duty World Championship has been moving at a breakneck pace in Columbus, OH.  If Friday was all about upsets, Saturday was all about solidifying dominance, as the bracket for Championship Sunday began to take shape.  Let’s preview Championship Sunday by power ranking who has the best shot in both brackets to win the title of Call of Duty World Champions!

UGF Invades All-Con this Friday to Play Super Smash Bros. Melee

This Friday come out to All-Con 2018 to cheer on your favorite UGF competitors when they play Super Smash Bros. Melee!  More within...

Call of Duty World League Takes Over Atlanta This Weekend

Call of Duty World League continues its tour of the South this weekend as the epic esports competition invades Atlanta!  Full details below:

UGF Presents The Madden NFL Classic Finale Airs Tonight

16 competitors.  8 crazy nights of UGF.  1 prize, the Goldblum Trophy.  It's all led to this moment! Quad C vs Brodenheim! 

Round 2 of the Madden NFL Classic Concludes Tonight

The Semi-finals of UGF Presents: The Madden NFL Classic start tomorrow!  We know we'll see #1 Contender Quad C vs Former Cinelinx UGF Champion LLP, but who will the other Semi-final game be against?  We find out tonight as 4 Brodenheim plays 5 Zach T and everyone's favorite TV Dad 8 Kerry Van Zant is in action against the current Cinelinx UGF Champion 1 Kingsman!

Watch the First Episode of the Madden NFL Classic Here

If you missed the first episode of the Madden NFL Classic, you missed out on some exciting action as the #1 Contender Quad C faced off against Tha Mad Zak.  Then, Zak's partner LA took on newcomer Brodenheim in a game with plays you won't see coming!  Watch it below and share with your friends!

The Madden NFL Classic Begins This Friday

The United Gaming Federation returns this week with the inaugural Madden NFL Classic!  More info below!

The Next UGF Tournament Game Has Been Announced

After a wild November tournament, UGF Commisioner Jason the X has decided what the next UGF tournament game will be!

Win a Copy of Middle-earth Shadow of War on Xbox One...

Tonight, the premiere title in Esports Entertainment, the Cinelinx UGF Championship, is on the line and you could walk away with a copy of Middle-earth: Shadow of War just by following these simple steps!

The Brackets Are Set For UGF WWE 2K18 King of the...

The brackets have been made and the trash talking has already begun leading up to the next UGF tournament, WWE 2K18 King of the Ring!  Plus, find out how you could win a copy of Middle-earth Shadow of War on Xbox One!

PlayStation 5 Release Date, Rumors, and More! | 2nd Opinion Podcast...

The 2nd Opinion Podcast is back and this time we're talking about the next-generation consoles, gaming rumors, and more! We have yet to get...