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UGF Presents The Madden NFL Classic Finale Airs Tonight

16 competitors.  8 crazy nights of UGF.  1 prize, the Goldblum Trophy.  It's all led to this moment! Quad C vs Brodenheim! 

Round 2 of the Madden NFL Classic Concludes Tonight

The Semi-finals of UGF Presents: The Madden NFL Classic start tomorrow!  We know we'll see #1 Contender Quad C vs Former Cinelinx UGF Champion LLP, but who will the other Semi-final game be against?  We find out tonight as 4 Brodenheim plays 5 Zach T and everyone's favorite TV Dad 8 Kerry Van Zant is in action against the current Cinelinx UGF Champion 1 Kingsman!

Watch the First Episode of the Madden NFL Classic Here

If you missed the first episode of the Madden NFL Classic, you missed out on some exciting action as the #1 Contender Quad C faced off against Tha Mad Zak.  Then, Zak's partner LA took on newcomer Brodenheim in a game with plays you won't see coming!  Watch it below and share with your friends!

EA Sports Teams Up With ESPN, Disney XD, and the NFL...

The Madden NFL 18 Championship Series has been looking for new places to broadcast from and it looks like the Mouse was all too happy to oblige!  More below...

The Madden NFL Classic Begins This Friday

The United Gaming Federation returns this week with the inaugural Madden NFL Classic!  More info below!

343 Industries Partners With MLG for New Halo ESports Circuit

A new championship series is coming to MLG and it involves one of the franchises that put eSports on the map!  We're talking about the Halo World Championships!

WCG Returns to Hold a Massive eSports Festival in 2018

One of the events that put eSports on the map is making a comeback in 2018!  Today's press conference announced plans to build an event well beyond your run-of-the-mill tournaments.

An Interview with CWL Dallas MVP Team Kaliber’s Accuracy

Over the weekend, Call of Duty World League kicked off their season with a grueling Dallas Open that saw upsets, delays, and incredible Call of Duty moments.  One of the people who was part of the incredible Call of Duty experience was Team Kaliber's Accuracy.

Call of Duty World League Dallas Power Rankings

It's been a wild start to the Call of Duty World League circuit!  Hundreds filed into the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, in Dallas, TX, on Friday expecting to see a ton of awesome Call of Duty WWII Pool Play, only to be disappointed by an unfounded bomb threat that would result in the tournament running behind schedule.  Nevertheless, the teams didn't let that phase them as they came roaring back with some amazing Call of Duty gameplay.  The result of these incredible games led us to rank teams, set for the elimination round, from least to most likely to win the first title of the long Call of Duty World League circuit!

The Next UGF Tournament Game Has Been Announced

After a wild November tournament, UGF Commisioner Jason the X has decided what the next UGF tournament game will be!

Machinehood – Book Review

Hugo Award nominee S.B. Divya (Runtime) is back with Machinehood, an action-packed sci-fi thriller about artificial intelligence, sentience, and labor rights in the near...