Capture Your Enemies in the New Fallout 4 DLC Trailer for...

It's time to capture your enemies and force them to fight in an arena of your making when Fallout 4's DLC Wasteland Workshop comes out!  Check out the trailer!

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 DLC Plans for First Half of 2016

Last November, fans of the Fallout series finally got their chance to play the latest installment of the popular Bethesda franchise.  With just a couple of months removed from its release, we're now getting news on all the DLC's you can expect over the next few months and a price change in Season Pass.  Read on for more!

Why I’m Done With Fallout 4

After spending plenty of time in the wasteland, harvesting crops, developing a settlement and surviving all manner of things meant to kill me, I'm done with Fallout 4. No, not the story, not even close to all the side quests...but I'm done nonetheless. 

Fallout 4 Ships Over 12 Million Copies In A Day

Fallout 4 was expected to be a huge hit, but we now know that it has broken several opening day records.

Prepare Yourself With the Fallout 4 Launch Trailer

Excited about Fallout 4 releasing soon? Well come check out the latest launch trailer to get even more amped!

Fallout Anthology Released Today For PC

Back in July Bethesda announced the Fallout Anthology which is a collection of all the games in a cool bomb case. It has released today for PC.

Fallout 4 Gets Another “Special” Educational Video – Endurance

Bethesda has released a new Fallout 4 video to demonstrate what makes you "special." The latest video goes over endurance. Check it out.

Nerd Interference Ep. 1 – Straight Outta Teeth

Cinelinx is powering up a brand new podcast highlighting a territory yet untraveled, sports! 

Fallout Anthology Announced; Includes Every Previous Fallout Game on PC

Get your hands on this super cool collectors item that includes all the Fallout games! It even includes a spot for Fallout 4, come check it out!

Fallout 4 Officially Announced (With Trailer)!

After a teasing countdown that started yesterday, fans can rejoice as Fallout 4 has been officially announced for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Come inside to learn a little bit more and check out the first trailer.  

COD Cold War Zombies Will Be The Best Yet! | 2nd...

Welcome to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we talk about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies, Assassins Creed: Valhalla, GODFALL,...