Pre-Order a Digital PC Copy of Division 2 & Get A...

Get one of three Ubisoft games for free when you pre-order a digital copy of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 on PC!  Here are the games...

Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Available Today For Season Pass Holders!

Vaas is back and smoother than ever, but only for Season Pass Holders!

SCNS Live S5E5 – Rated R For Sequences of Nerdity

On this week's episode of SCNS Live, Zack is back to help us with our Rated R Superhero Discussion! Plus, we have a Far Cry Primal review followed by February's Loot Crate Unboxing!  Not only that but we also have a great interview with Tekforce!  There's a whole lot more to go with all of that on SCNS Live Episode 5 - Rated R for Sequences of Nerdity!

Tonight on SCNS Live!

We've got really good show for you this week!  Come inside to find out everything the nerds will be talking about tonight at 8pm/Central!

Win Far Cry Primal on Xbox One

This month sees the launch of Ubisoft's new Far Cry Primal on gaming consoles and to celebrate, we're giving away a digital copy of the game on the Xbox One to one of our lucky readers.  Come inside to learn more and enter for your chance to win! 

Experience the History of Far Cry Primal in the Far Cry...

Learn everything you need to know about Far Cry Primal in the new Far Cry Primal 101 trailer!  See inside!

The Recap: Suicide Squad, Star Wars, Far Cry, and More

The end of the week means it’s time for The Recap. This week Jason from SCNS Live has all the biggest stories of the week. Star Wars has gotten so big that now other movies have to respond when they make a date change. 4 movies adjusting dates is nothing to scoff at guys. DC gave the fans some great sneak peeks this Tuesday at characters in the next movies they’ll be releasing and even gave the fans a new Suicide Squad movie trailer. Also the promo for this movie is doing very well. Mortal Kombat not high on your list of games to play this season? Well maybe they can sweeten the deal a bit more with Mortal Kombat XL. Lastly Far Cry Primal is a month away and we’ve got a new trailer and some behind the scenes stuff for the upcoming release.

New Far Cry Primal Trailer And Behind The Scenes Video

Check out the latest trailer for Far Cry Primal along with a behind the scenes look at the game.

Unleash the Beast Master in the new Far Cry Primal Trailer

During the Game Awards 2015, Ubisoft revealed their latest trailer for Far Cry Primal, entitled Beast Master.  Take a look!

Ubisoft Confirms New Far Cry Primal With Announcement Trailer

The next Far Cry will head into the Stone Age with Far Cry Primal.

Claudia Gray’s ‘House of El Book One: The Shadow Threat’ Shows...

*warning: minor spoilers for House of El Book One: The Shadow Threat below If you've been looking for a new story set on Superman's home...