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It Is What It Is, with The Jackass! Episode 120: The...

It’s another episode of It Is What It Is, and B.C. is joined by Tha Mad Zak!

Collin’s Top 10 Movies of 2016

The year marks an important for me film-wise: 2016 is the year I started writing about movies. I didn’t start the year thinking it would lead here, but here I am. I started off with a challenge: Watch a movie for every day of the year (currently at 406 for the year), and diversify my choices. I wanted to catch up on foreign films, silent films, and classics that I had missed. It slowly became a race to see everything that 2016 had to offer. And while I fell way short, I’ve only seen 63 films from 2016 and here are my ten favorites and some honorable mentions.


More films and more theaters for China

This past year there has been a growing demand from the people of China for more films to be made and theaters to...

State of the Media – Lost in Translation

Some films do a great job of bringing a novel or a comic, or even a video game to life on the silver screen.  Others...don't.  I highlight five films that did not survive the transition unscathed.

New The Mandalorian Toys Revealed, Wallets Cry

As part of a new Mando Monday initiative from Lucasfilm, several new toys for The Mandalorian have been revealed, several up for pre-order today!...