Netflix’s Defenders: Entertaining but Not Exceptional (Spoilers)

Marvel’s newest Netflix show, the Defenders, debuts this week, uniting the heroes of its previous four entries. The series mostly delivers what you’d want from a super hero team-up show, but it doesn’t present us with anything unexpected or innovative. (Spoilers below)

Is Iron Fist as Bad as the Reviews Say? (Spoilers)

Marvel’s latest Netflix show Iron Fist was released yesterday and it’s gotten punched in the gut by critics, receiving a paltry 17 % fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a somewhat higher 37% on Metacritic. Is it really that bad? Cinelinx break down the show to see if it’s as dismal as advertised and if so, what went wrong.  (Spoilers ahead)

The First Actual Trailer for Netflix’s Iron Fist Release

The last Defender finally has his trailer, so if you're all caught up on Luke Cage, take a gander at what's coming next. 

Marvel Casts Finn Jones As Iron Fist

All the Marvel fans out there, we've got our Defenders. People have been asking for months who's going to pay Iron Fist, what's going on with Iron Fist, some even saying, what's an Iron Fist? Well all the questions are over becasue Fiin Jones will be taking the lead role as Danny Rand a.k.a Iron Fist. Now there was a call out there for maybe cast someone of asian background to play the character but it look like Marvel chose to go with a comic accurate character. 

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