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Ubisoft Reveals Far Cry 4 Releasing in November

You know what's better than a video game announcement for a sequel an incredibly well received franchise?  An announcement that also includes the game's release date!  That's exactly what Ubisoft has done today, revealing not only the first details (and official confirmation of) Far Cry 4, but they've also given gamers a date to mark on their calendars later this year! 

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Official Trailer Revealed

The reveal was supposed to be this Sunday, but in the video game world who actually waits till official reveals? Like normal big reveals, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was leaked early and now Activision has officially released the trailer for the brand new, and very sci-fi, shooter. 

First Screenshots From Titanfall’s Upcoming DLC War Games Map

Respawn Entertainment has dropped some screenshots from War Games, which is one of three brand new maps coming to Titanfall with the upcoming Expedition DLC in May.  While we've none about the DLC for a little while, this is the first chance players have at seeing what one of those maps looks like.  If you're a fan of the parkour aspects of the game, then you're in for a treat.  Come inside to check them out!

There’s No Where To Run In New Wolfenstein: The New Order...

An all new trailer for Wolfenstein:The New Order has hit the internet and it has an dire warning sung by popular 60's group Martha And The Vandellas.  Come inside to take a look at some sweet gameplay action, and some of the guns you'll be using to take down the alternate history's version of Nazi's!  

Play the Next Doom Early With Wolfenstein: The New Order

Doom and ID have basically flown off the radar as of late. We got a few screenshots of what the newest Doom will look like, but beyond that we know almost nothing about the title at all. Well Doom is easily the top game on many gamers all time lists, so it should be exciting that a beta is coming soon...Maybe.  Hopefully.  It Sounds odd that I'm saying this, but you can get into the Doom beta by pre-ordering the upcoming Wolfenstein

Edge of Reality Sets Release Date for Loadout

Edge of Reality has been hard at work on a new free to play shooter, Loadout, that will allow gamers "billions" of options with which to configure your weapons in exactly the way you want.  The goal here being to provide a unique and over the top shooter experience, and now they're ready to unleash it on the masses as they've announced a release date for the game. 

Gadget Review: KontrolFreeks FPS Freek Phantom Analog Stick Adapters for the...

Let’s start off this review by saying that I never thought that two little pieces of plastic would be any help to my FPS prowess. It’s not that I thought that KontrolFreeks FPS Freek Phantom analog stick adapters would be the worst thing since spray-on hair, but it was more of an indifference. I have to say that these two little pieces have rocked my FPS world in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Aliens landing on Earth would have made less of an impact on me than this. Well, maybe….but let’s get onto the review.

Microsoft Confirms the Next Halo is Definitely Coming in 2014

Earlier today, Microsoft posted a blog on their official site to thank fans for an awesome 2013.  They also made mention of several games slated for this upcoming year, and fans were quick to notice the absence of the next game in the Halo franchise.  Never fear, however, as Microsoft has gone on to confirm that you WILL see the next Halo in 2014.  Come inside to see why it wasn't listed!

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Chapter 1 Gets a November Release...

Irrational Games and 2K has announced today exactly when Bioshock Infinite fans can get their hands on the first chapter of the story based DLC, Burial at Sea.  This new story addition takes players (along with Booker and Elzabeth) back to the world of Rapture for a Noir style adventure on November 12th.  Come inside for the full press release and pricing details!

Hands On: Battlefield 4 Awesomeness!

E3 is full of exciting games, and in the middle of all the excitement is normally EA. They had several games to showcase again this year, and one of the big ones was Battlefield 4, and boy was it exciting. I got my hands on the game, and played with both the Xbox One controller and PC controls, and lets just say it was rather awesome.

The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest is the Latest HasLab Project

During the PulseCon virtual event, Hasbro revealed their latest HasLab crowdfunding project focused on The Mandalorian's spaceship! Star Wars, which kicked off HasLab with...