Game Making: Common Indie Dev Woes and How Best to Avoid...

Indie game studios are popping up all over the world. From freshly graduated student teams, to game industry vet collaborations. From the one-man-band to the massive orchestra. Kickstarter campaigns here, Greenlight proposals there, in a constant battle to get a game noticed.  As a gamer and someone with an avid interest in the Indie games industry, I have noticed patterns and trends settling into successful and not so successful Indie studios. Here I will attempt to identify recurring problems and mistakes new Indie studios make, and offer the best medicine I can muster.

Will Wal-Mart Hurt GameStop’s Trade-In Business?

Wal-Mart will begin offering a trade-in program for used video games in all of its stores and online. Will this be a program to keep an eye on, or will it just blend in with the rest?  Currently Best Buy, Amazon, and of course GameStop all offer a trade in program for games. Wal-Mart has a very limited trade-in program for certain electronics online, but will be expanding the game portion to online store starting this Fall. What's the big deal?

A Gamers Valentine: You’d Make A Great Couple, Said No One.

The internet is filled with fan fiction about some of our favorite video game characters and what would happen if they ever met or perchance had a romance.  While it's nice to think about, the truth is that some of our most beloved characters would be absolutely horrible for one another!  Today we bring you 3 video game couplings that wouldn't last.  

Nintendo is Bringing DS Games to the Wii U Virtual Console

Let's face some facts here, the Wii U isn't doing so hot, and Nintendo is looking to change that.  During an investor's meeting last night they outlined some of their upcoming plans to fix things, one of which includes giving the Nintendo faithful something they've been looking for; DS games on the system's Virtual Console.

Gunnar Optiks Brings on the Color With New Intercept Line

Gunnar Optiks, who's behind some of the best gaming eyewear out there (to help prevent eye fatigue and what not during long gaming sessions) is starting off the new year with a brand new line of products which is set to bring in a slew of bold new colors to choose from.  So now you can match your glasses to the rest of your gaming rig setup.  

EA Cancels Command & Conquer; Shuts Down Victory Studios

If you wanted sad news today, look no further than the announcement from EA that they've cancelled the latest entry in the Command & Conquer strategy franchise (which hasn't been given a game in some years now), after being in beta for the last few months.  Come inside to check out the official statement from EA, and if you listen carefully, you'll hear my heart breaking.

Is Gaming Really Running The Risk Of Crashing? (Again)

There is a new generation of consoles on the horizon, and every time this happens there is a lot revolving around it. Beyond the excitement and thrills about the future, there are negative sides to it too. There are tons of low end consoles trying to make a break for some new sales, people saying tablets will take over, or the usual “they run the risk of failing.” To that last comment I say obviously, but the risk is low. To say the industry runs a risk of crashing is something I want to target today though.

Is PS Vita TV Sony’s Greatest Idea?

Yesterday Sony announced the new gadget called PS Vita TV. This new gadget allows you to play Vita titles on your TV, stream PS4 to another TV, watch media apps, and all of this comes in a neat little compact design. The best part is, it only costs around $100 dollars. While Vita TV is seeing some mixed reactions after the announcement, I can’t help but think it's one of Sony’s greatest moves in a long time.

Microsoft President Don Mattrick Leaves to Become Zynga’s CEO

It was rumored earlier today (we wanted to wait for more official news) that Don Mattrick, Microsoft's President of the Interactive Entertainment unit (which deals entirely with the Xbox brand) was leaving the company in order to take the top spot over at Zynga.  Now an official statement has been released announcing that is in fact what's happening.  Come on in to check it out.

Nintendo Skipping on Big Conference at This Year’s E3

E3 has long been one of the largest events for the video game industry, and is typically used as a showcase for the largest game companies to show off what's coming up in the future.  The 'big three' as they're called (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) generally use massive press conferences to kick things off, much to the delight of fans all over.  This year, however, Nintendo won't be doing it.  They're skipping out on the big conference, but that's not as bad as it may sound.

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