The Always Online Issue is About Choice, Not Just Connectivity

Rumors about Microsoft making their next games console ‘always-online’ are nothing new, but the latest report, coming yesterday, ignited a firestorm.  After the report, a top Xbox official took to his twitter account to defend always-online technology in a very unprofessional manner, that seems to show how out of touch he is with the real issue.  It’s not about connectivity at all, it’s about user choice. 

Want More Heartache? Star Wars 1313 was Going to be About...

Yesterday's news about Disney closing down LucasArts and putting an end to all the current Star Wars projects hit some fans (like myself) pretty hard.  With Star Wars 1313 now shut down, some more details on the project have begun leaking out, which might make the news even harder.  Apparently it was going to focus on the galaxy's number one bounty hunter: Boba Fett. 

Disney Shuts Down LucasArts; Cancels All Projects

Some incredibly sad news today, word has come down that Disney has shut down LucasArts, the gaming arm of Lucasfilm (aka all things Star Wars) and has cancelled all current projects, including the amazing looking Star Wars 1313 and First Assault.  Details inside. 

Cinelinx’s March Madness Video Game Giveaway!

March is looking to be a massive month for the video game industry, with several AAA style games, many of them highly anticipated, slated to hit during the month.  With the wealth of games hitting in such a short period of time, it might be difficult for some to afford them all.  That's why we're helping out our readers by giving away a game of their choice.  Come inside for all the details. 

Where Are They Now? 6 Games That Seemingly Disappeared

This generation is slowly converting into a new generation with PS4 and whatever Microsoft decides to call the next Xbox. However that’s not to say this generation doesn’t still have something to look forward too, that is unless some hidden gems now become next generation exclusives. Or perhaps they are secretly canceled like StarCraft Ghost…. There were several games that were announced and either showed off some CGI based trailers, or had a lot of cool information to go with the announcements. So let’s look back at games that were announced but never released (this generation at least) which we still hope to see in the future.

Watch Sony’s Big PlayStation Announcement Live Right Here!

Well, today is the day that many expect Sony will be announcing the Playstation 4 via a live event hosted this evening in New York.  Afraid you might miss it?  Don't worry, you can watch the entire event live right here.

Placing Blame: Kids vs. Violent Video Games

Since the game industry's inception, people have been using video games as a scapegoat when things go wrong.  With violent games coming under constant fire, and being brought up tragic court cases where people blame games for all of the horrible acts they may have committed.  Parents are quick to blame violent video games for all that's gone wrong, but where should that blame really go?

$5 Million Raised By Child’s Play Charity in 2012

Game industry charity Child's Play has announced it raised a record-breaking total of over $5 million in 2012. 

Sony and Microsoft Hinting At The Future; Bringing Rooms Alive

CES is underway and every now and then a cool little gadget keeps making headlines. The recent one for gamers seems to be Microsoft’s IllumiRoom. Microsoft has teamed up with Sony’s nemesis, Samsung, to make the room you game in come alive.

THQ Selling All Franchises, Where Should They Go

THQ has announced it is officially over. For a while there we were all crossing our fingers that the slight hope of them staying strong was true. Well it isn’t, and all of their franchises are up for sale. Included in the sale are these titles: Turtle Rock Studios:  Working Title “Evolve,” THQ Montreal:  Working Title “1666,″Relic Entertainment:  Working Title “Atlas, “Vigil Games:  Working Title “Crawler,” Volition Studios:  Saints Row 4, Relic Entertainment:  Company of Heroes 2, Crytek UK:  Homefront 2, Yukes:  WWE ’14, 4A Games:  Metro: Last Light, Obsidian:  Southpark: The Stick of Truth, and of course Darksiders and Warhammer are also in the pipe.

Ready Player One Sequel Novel Coming This November

Ballantine Books, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House, announced that Ready Player Two, the sequel to Ernest Cline's novel Ready Player One, will be...