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New Trailer for Quantum Break Brings Gameplay and a Release Date

During the Xbox Gamescom press conference, they kicked off the show with the first official gameplay trailer for Quantum Break, which gave gamers a new look at the long gestating title, along with a release date.  Come inside to check it out. 

Watch Xbox’s Gamescom Conference Live!

If you've been suffering from a lack of gaming excitement following this year's E3, you're in luck as Gamescom is kicking off today with Microsoft's press conference...And you can watch it LIVE with us right here on Cinelinx.  Come inside to watch.  

Vega Gets a New Look for his Street Fighter V Return

Gamescom is going down this week, and Capcom has released a brand new trailer for Street Fighter V showing off the return of a classic character with a brand new look.  Come inside to check it out! 

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Mystery Character Revealed

Namco has been making a big deal out of their mysterious new character in their upcoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse game (the first Dragon Ball Z game to take advantage of the new generation consoles), and today they've finally revealed exactly who the character is and how they'll impact the game's story: it's you!  You can create your own character (any race and gender and alter their appearance) and use him/her to change the classic DBZ story.  Come inside to learn more and see some options!

Bioware Reveals New Online Action-RPG, Shadow Realms

They've been teasing a new project for a little while, and now today, during Gamescom 2014, EA and Bioware have revealed an all new game called Shadow Realms.  It's an online action-RPG that will feature episodic content and focus on people working together.  Come inside to learn more about the new game and tell us your thoughts on it!  

Gamescom ’13: New Trailer and Screens for Murdered: Soul Suspect

During this week's Gamescom, Square Enix debuted a brand new trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect, the intriguing looking game that tasks players with solving their own murder.  Come inside to check out the new trailer, plus some swanky new screenshots!

Diablo 3’s Official Expansion, Reaper of Souls Announced

Today at Gamescom Blizzard pulled the veil back on Diablo III's first expansion titled, Reaper of Souls.  The expansion adds an all new story, new levels, an extra class, boosted level cap, and adjustments to the end game content fans have been asking for.  Come inside for all the details and to check out the fancy debut trailer!

Ubisoft Partnering with Sony Pictures for Watch_Dogs Movie Adaptation

You don't typically expect movie news to come out of video game conferences, but such is the way of things anymore.  Today during Sony's Gamescom conference, Ubisoft came on stage to announce that they were partnering with Sony Pictures in order to bring their highly anticipated game Watch_Dogs to the big screen.  Come inside for the full press release.

GamesCom ’13 PlayStation Conference Recap

Sony's GamesCom conference has wrapped up and while the biggest news was the official announcement of the release date, plenty of other news came out during the event.  From new games, new trailers, Vita news, and a slew of indie games, there was plenty of information being doled out.  If you didn't get a chance to watch the conference live with us, we've decided to lump all of the news into one convenient spot for you.  Come inside to check it all out!

Cover Revealed for ‘A Court of Silver Flames’, New Release Date...

We finally have the official cover of Sarah J. Maas' newest book A Court of Silver Flames, along with a new release date! Earlier this...