Tag: GDC 2015

Rock Band 4 Announced For New Generation

It was rumored that Rock Band 4 would be announced some time soon, and now it is. Rock Band 4 is coming this year!

Why EA’s Closure of Maxis Feels So Wrong

While most of us have been focused on GDC, EA shut down development studio Maxis.  While it’s not the TOTAL end of studio (Maxis Emeryville,  the studio behind SimCity, Spore and The Sims, received the boot) as Maxis will still be operating in a number of other offices spread out across America, the UK, China, India and Finland, the way in which it was handled is what’s making us the most upset. 

Wolfenstein Getting Stand Alone Prequel Titled The Old Blood

Wolfenstein was a personal choice for game of the year last year, and one thing I always stated was that I hope it gets more. Well it is, and you can play it in a few months. Find out more after the jump!

Sony Announces Time Frame For Project Morpheus Release

Sony's VR headset will be releasing in early 2016 and we will see more games for it come E3.

Mad Max (Game) Release Date, Box Art & Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

Mad Max is being released the same time as Metal Gear Solid V, and we even got the box art inside! Come check out all the details, including a super sweet pre-order bonus.

Unreal Engine 4 Is Free For All Developers and Education

Unreal Engine powers a lot of games you play today, and a lot of indie developers can utilize it to make impressive titles...so everyone should be pretty happy to hear the UE4 is now free for developers!  Come inside to learn more about today's announcement.

The First Trailer for Induction Released Today

On the lookout for a quirky new indie puzzle game?  Then Induction might just be what you're looking for, as the first trailer for the game can show you.  Come inside to check it out!

21 and 22 Jump Street coming to 4K ULTRA HD

The Jump Street movie series is making its way to 4K Ultra this September 15th. 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street starring Jonah...