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Will Doctor Who Star Matt Smith Materialize in Star Wars?

Is a Doctor Who star travelling to the Star Wars universe? Matt Smith may be turning in his TARDIS for an X-Wing, if the rumors are true.

Would A New Indiana Jones Film Reinvigorate Both Harrison Ford and...

Harrison Ford, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have all said they'd like to do another Indiana Jones movie at some point, so that the franchise doesn’t end of the sour Crystal Skull note. Could a new Indy film save Harrison Ford’s faded star power?

“Prototype” Contest Searching for Next Great Filmmaker

Have you ever wanted to see your own idea made into a feature film? If so, New Regency Productions and Break Media's new contest called "Prototype" may be for you. Check out the details here. 

Steven Spielberg & George Lucas Predict ‘Implosion’ of the Film Industry

Two of the greatest filmmakers of the modern era, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, have predicted an “inevitable implosion” of the movie industry, which will lead to less films and an explosion of ticket prices.

Interview: Author Alan Dean Foster Reflects on What Could Have Been...

Everyone knows there's a certain amount of animosity between Star Wars and Star Trek fans. The rivalry was even touched on in 2009's Fanboys, which served as a love letter to George Lucas and his space saga. Many people on both sides of the science fiction fence were surprised when they heard J.J. Abrams was taking the reins of both franchises.

Splinter of the Mind’s Eye: Exploring What Could Have Been the...

This year marks the 33rd Anniversary of the release of The Empire Strikes Back. Thanks to the success of Star Wars, George Lucas went on to make five sequels to the movie and create one of the greatest space sagas ever. However, what if Star Wars hadn't been as successful as it ended up being?

George Lucas Says the ‘Original Three’ Are Pretty Much Signed on...

Fans are understandably anxious to get any news on the upcoming Star Wars films, and as such have been jumping the gun when it comes to anything that remotely resembles a scoop.  However, when George Lucas himself says something, people tend to listen, and he's now said that the original cast is all but set to return.

Blu Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars – the Complete Season...

Star Wars fans are a fickle bunch. Some choose to believe only the original trilogy is to be taken seriously. Others are willing to accept all six of the films in the live-action series and that's all. I belong to the last group I'm about to talk about.

Mark Hamill Was Holding Out on Us; He and Carrie Fisher...

So if you haven't heard yet, a pretty big thing happend this week; Lucasfilm was sold to Disney, and Disney in turn announced an Episode VII to be released in about three years time.  I know, little news like that is pretty easy to get lost in the shuffle.  But it did indeed happen, and pretty much everyone was left flabbergasted at the reveal.  Well, all but a certain few, such as Mark Hamill.  Well...not as surprised as the rest of it, at the very least.

Blu Review: Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures

I am an Indiana Jones fan through and through. I have been since I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark as a child in 1981. The Blu-ray release of such a monumental piece of film history merits taking the day off work and viewing all the entries of the series. Yes, that DOES include The Temple of Doom and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Machinehood – Book Review

Hugo Award nominee S.B. Divya (Runtime) is back with Machinehood, an action-packed sci-fi thriller about artificial intelligence, sentience, and labor rights in the near...