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How the Penguin Saved Gotham

The new series Gotham is still finding its feet and many of the cast members seem unsure of where to go with their roles. However, there is one definite bright spot in the series and that’s Robin Lord Taylor as the Penguin, who’s by far the best thing on the show.

New Trailers for Walking Dead Season 5, Constantine, Gotham & The...

Now that Comic Con is winding down, some of the trailers showcased at the event are starting to make their way online (officially).  Here, we're compiling a few of the trailers that came out for the upcoming slate of TV shows based on popular comics, including The Walking Dead (which also has a premiere date!), Gotham, Constantine, and more!  Come inside to check them all out!

DC TV: Should it Connect to the DC Films

DC has several upcoming TV shows that will join Arrow on the air in the next year or two. However, as of right now, none of those programs is going to connect to the DC cinematic universe. Should DC utilize their TV programs the way Marvel uses Agents of SHIELD?

First Trailer for Gotham Looks Promising

Last night during the first episode of 24: Live Another Day, FOX aired the first trailer for the upcoming Gotham TV series, which focuses on a young detective Jim Gordon before Batman hits the city.  An extended trailer then popped up online and it looks pretty decent, showing some promising looking story points and acting.  Come inside to check it out and tell us what you think!

FOX Reveals Full Synopsis and Logo for Gotham TV Series

Batman fans who've been eagerly awaiting more information on FOX's planned Gotham TV series, which will follow a young detective Gordon before Bruce Wayne takes up the cowl, should be excited to know that today the studio has released the first full synopsis for the show.  Along with that, they've also released a gritty looking logo as well.  Come inside to check them both out!

Danny Cannon Brought on to Direct Gotham TV Pilot for Fox

Aside from its initial announcement last year, we haven't heard much about DC's upcoming TV series Gotham, which will focus on the early days of detective Jim Gordon (before he's a commissioner) as he solves crimes on the mean streets of Gotham City.  Now, however, we know at least who will be behind the camera for the show's pilot episode.  

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