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Graphic Review: Batman – Detective Comics Volume 4: The Wrath

All eyes are on the Dark Knight in 2014 with the 75th Anniversary of Batman upon us. One way DC Comics is celebrating the milestone is through the release of Batman - Detective Comics Volume 4: The Wrath. Made up of issues 19 through 24 and Annual 2 of the monthly series, the book keeps the super hero investigating different crimes the way his creator Bob Kane originally envisioned him to.

Graphic Review: Batman and Robin Volume 4: Requiem for Damian

I loved the character of Damian Wayne. He was sassy, rebellious, and gave the greatest super hero in the DC Universe a run for his money. Imagine an eleven-year-old already as angry, bitter, and vengeful as an adult Bruce Wayne. The sparks that flew between the latest incarnation of Batman and Robin were legendary. And it all came to a tragic end much too soon. Batman and Robin Volume 4: Requiem for Damian deals with the aftermath of Death of a Family and shows a Dark Knight struggling to come to grips with his emotions and guilt.

Comic Books vs. Graphic Novels – Which Makes the Best Movie?

SAT verbal analogy flashback time! If comic book is to TV program, then graphic novel is to miniseries. See the difference? Comic books and graphic novels are two ways to tell a story using graphic print media. In many ways they can be very similar, but in some ways they are not. It is those differences that are important to consider when adapting their stories to film. 

Graphic Review: Batman Volume 4: Zero Year – Secret City

DC Comics takes another opportunity to update the origin of the Dark Knight for the New 52 with Batman Volume 4: Zero Year - Secret City. The book collects issues 21 through 24 of the monthly title and Batman Zero Year: The Director's Cut #1. If you're worried about getting a repeat of Frank Miller's Batman: Year One, you can leave your reservations at the door.

Graphic Review: Batman ’66 Volume 1

Do you long for the more innocent days when Adam West and Burt Ward raced across your television in Technicolor glory battling the charismatic villains of Gotham City? When you think of the Joker, does a Latino actor who refused to shave his mustache come to mind before Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson? Do you constantly find yourself wondering where the "POW's" and the "BAM's" are as you sit through the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Batman '66 Volume 1 is tailor-made for you!

Graphic Review: Batman: Dark Victory New Edition

DC Comics delivers a new edition of Batman: Dark Victory and does what any great publisher would do to pull in more sales. They add new content to give readers who already have it another reason to grab an updated copy. It also gives folks who haven't picked it up or read it a chance to dive into what entertainment website IGN calls the 10th greatest Batman graphic novel ever released. The title is justifiable as made visible by a wonderfully complex crime tale and top-notch artwork.

Graphic Review: Batman and Son New Edition

DC Comics awards those who haven't read the graphic novel Batman and Son another chance through the release of a new edition. Some may find the title a bit misleading after ingesting the rather thick fifteen chapter book. Only a few of them actually feature Damian Wayne or anything relevant to his storyline.

Graphic Review: All-Star Western Volume 3: The Black Diamond Probability

I'm not going to lie. I originally picked up the relaunched adventures of Jonah Hex because of the cover of the first issue. The reluctant hero sitting on a horse next to a Gotham city limit sign reeled me in. Anything that takes place in the Dark Knight's gloomy hometown immediately is put on my must-read list. Hex is still keeping me interested in All Star Western Volume 3: The Black Diamond Probability.

Graphic Review: Nightwing Volume 3: Death of the Family

DC Comics unleashes another volume of its New York Times best-selling series with Nightwing Volume 3: Death of the Family. The collection includes issues 13 through 18 of the monthly title and issue 17 of Batman. There's a lot going on in this graphic novel collection and it makes reading it all the more fun.

Graphic Review: Detective Comics Volume 3: Emperor Penguin

Detective Comics Volume 3: Emperor Penguin is a dual-edged sword of energy and suspense served up by DC Comics. Not only do we get appearances from Oswald Cobblepot, but ones from Poison Ivy, Joker, Clayface, and new villains like the Merrymaker and the title character. I know there've been many complaints about the "New 52," but count me as impressed.

Everything Is Canon: Melanin In YA

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks with Melody Simpson, writer and creator of the amazing Melanin in YA directory! Melanin in YA...