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The Ten Greatest Long Tracking Shots in Film

The cinematic equivalent of a run-on sentence, lengthy tracking shots allow a film to pack a whole lot of detail into one continuous, meticulously...

Five Films From the 2010’s Which Have Already Changed Cinema

Every now and then a movie comes along which does things a little differently than we are used to. This is a look at...

Science Fiction and the Best Picture Oscar

Science fiction films may be popular and profitable but they don’t get much respect at the Oscars (which will be here very soon). Whichever movie finally wins, the odds are that it will not be a science fiction film. Looking at the history of the Oscars, they haven’t been very kind to the genre that gave us Star Trek and Star Wars.

Cinelinx 2014 Oscar Predictions

Join us as we discuss our predictions for this year’s Oscars. Check out who our contributors think will win and add your own picks! 

2014 Oscar Previews: Part I

The 86th Annual Academy Awards will take place Sunday March 2nd at 7pm Eastern time. Here is our overview of the major awards nominees in case you didn’t get to see them yourself.  

The 2013 Cinelinx Movie Awards

And the winners are....click here to find out! 

Vote Now! Cinelinx 2013 Movie Awards Nominees

2013 is officially over and to celebrate the achievements in film over the last 12 months, Cinelinx presents our nominees for our 2013 Movie Awards. We need the help of you fellow cinephiles, however, in order to decide the winners, so come inside to check out the nominees and vote on your picks!

Box Office Breakdown: Gravity Holds #1 For Third Straight Week

This past weekend at the box office saw the release of an anticipated remake for the Horror crowd as well as two aging action heroes on the big screen together, but the science fiction film Gravity still managed to keep the top spot for it's third week in a row.  Come inside to check out the full breakdown. 

Box Office Breakdown: Gravity Holds Back Captain Phillips

This past weekend at the box office showed the staying power of Gravity, as the science fiction film continues a very impressive run at the box office to keep it's number one spot, despite tough competition from Tom Hanks' Captain Phillips.  Come inside for the full breakdown of this past weekend's box office.

Box Office Breakdown: Gravity Pulls in Some Serious Cash

This past weekend at the box office made it clear that people are eager and willing for smart and beautiful science fiction films...or maybe they're just head over heels for George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.  Either way, Gravity managed to take the top spot and set a record.  Come inside for the full breakdown of this weekend's box offic haul.

Everything Is Canon: Stuffed – Into Darkness

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to Liz Braswell all about her latest book, Stuffed: Into Darkness! You might know Liz from...