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Second Full Green Lantern Trailer Shows Off A Polished Film

Warner Bros has released the second full trailer for Green Lantern (which is to be attached to Thor this weekend) and gives us tons of new footage to pour over.  Showcasing the secondary characters more than Hal Jordan, this trailer showcases a far deeper story and incredible characters.

Guardians of Oa revealed in Green Lantern T-Shirt?

Fans are very hungry for Green Lantern news (myself included).  Since the teaser trailer came out, we haven't really gotten a whole lot of new information or pictures.  What we have gotten are merely stills from scenes in the trailer.  While this is all well and good, fans want more.  So today, it appears as though fans get a first look at the Guardians of Oa as they appear in the movie...in a T-shirt.

First look at the terrifying Parallax from Green Lantern

The marketing for Green Lantern has finally started kicking off, and fans are finally getting to see the things they've been waiting for.  Now there's something else for fans to get excited about.  As part of the film's promotion the normal run of Green Lantern comics have been showing still images from the film to eager readers.  For the most part, they're nothing we haven't seen before, but not so with this latest comic release.  At long last fans can get a look at what the ultimate Green Lantern villain will look like in the film: Parallax.

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