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Short List of Actors to Play Green Lantern in the DCEU

Rumors abound that the list of people Warner Bros wants to play Green Lantern in their cinematic DC universe is down to six people.  Come inside to check out who it might be!

TMP Reviews: Green Lantern

DC’s first big franchise starter (outside of Batman and Superman) is finally here.  Is it really as bad as the critics are saying, or is there something worthwhile in the comic book adaptation?  TheMoviePool is here to help sort through it all.

First footage of Green Lantern in action!

It's no secret here that we at TMP are fans of comic book movies.  Nor is it a secret that we've all been eagerly following the progress of the upcoming Green Lantern movie.  The problem for fans though, is that outside of a few character posters (which is just their heads) and one image from Entertainment Weekly, we've seen next to nothing on this film.  Well Entertainment Tonight is looking to change that, and they provide fans their first look at the Green Lantern in action, giving them a taste of what the movie will look like.

New Green Lantern concept art will excite and sadden you

I think it's safe to say that I'm definitely in Green Lantern mode.  Of all the comic book movies coming out within the next year and beyond, I will say that Green Lantern is the one that has me most excited.  Maybe it's because I'm secretly a DC Comics fanboy (though I'll read more Marvel), but for some reason my anticipation level is way up for this movie.  These new concept art pictures for the film, brought to us by Collider is only intensifying that hype.  One is a good look at Oa and the other is a little foreboding.

Green Lantern’s lantern is finally unveiled

At this past weekend's Spike TV's Scream Awards, Green Lantern managed to take home the award for "Most Anticipated Movie".  A big part of me wants to agree with them, because there have been few superhero movies as hotly talked about as this one.  The Internet practically explodes anytime new pictures or information comes out about it, so it seems a well-deserved award.  When accepting the award, many viewers caught a glimpse of the Power Battery (or the 'lantern' from which they get their powers) as a set piece on stage.  Many speculated that what was on stage had to be the new design for the film...now speculation can be put to rest.

First behind the scenes video from ‘Green Lantern’ hits the net

Eager fans have been gobbling up any bit of Green Lantern news they can, including blurry set photos, but now we're being treated to the first behind-the-scenes look at the film.

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