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Picks From The Rack June 25th 2015: Batgirl, Spawn, Green Lantern...

So this week I picked up.
Green Lantern The Lost Army #1
Spawn #253
Batman #41
X-Men 92 #1

David Ramsey Says Arrow Sidekick Diggle May Become Green Lantern

Will John Diggle become the next Green Lantern? Will the famous Green Arrow/Green Lantern pairing make its ways to the CW? According to Arrow co-star David Ramsey, DC is “thinking about it and that they are considering it”.

Comic Review: Earth 2: World’s End #2

Earth 2: World’s End continues in issue 2 with our heroes going up against the Fury of Apokolips, K’Li. It’s also discovered that Darkseid’s home world is on a collision course with Earth. Can the super powers of this alternate universe overcome possession by dark forces and stop the destruction of the entire world?

[Updated] WB Reveals Massive Plans For DC Comics Cinematic Universe

Warner Bros. has finally given movies to their slate of announced Superhero release dates and announced several new DC Comics films leading all the way to 2020, including Justice League 1 and 2, Wonder Woman, plus confirming actors for Aquaman and The Flash.  Come inside to check out all the news!

Does Warner Bros. Have a No Humor Mandate for DC Films?


Will the DC cinematic universe be permanently humor-free? If the rumor from Hitfix is true, don’t expect to get any laughs from future DCU films, because they have a “no joke” directive.


Graphic Review: Forever Evil

Two worlds collide again in DC Comics’ event graphic novel Forever Evil. The book collects all seven action-packed issues of the limited series. Although many might say they’ve tread familiar ground before through Grant Morrison’s JLA: Earth 2, there’s a lot of intrigue and excitement to take in here.

Amazon Opens up Pre-Orders for Green Lantern Animated Series Blu-Ray

The, sadly, short-lived animated series Green Lantern is coming to blu-ray thanks to Warner Bros. Archive collection.  Today Amazon is opening up pre-oders on the much acclaimed series which is coming (in it's entirety) in just a few weeks.  Come inside to check out the full press release and all the details!

Comic Book Review: Justice League 3000 Issue #1

DC Comics is often brought under scrutiny by fans who feel the company does anything it can to sell more books. Coming from the viewpoint of both a business person and comic book fan, I can wholeheartedly understand their difficult position. It's their job to deliver, on a monthly basis, challenging and somewhat unique concepts and storylines which will keep people thumbing through the pages of the latest issues featuring their favorite super heroes. DC has successfully done it again with Justice League 3000.

DC May Try to Match Marvel’s Film Output but On a...


Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment have announced a plan to release two lower-budgeted film projects per year --one in the springtime and the other in the fall-- alongside their bi-annual big-budget releases.


WB CEO: DC Movies Are Going To Be Foundation

Comic universe films will be serving as lynchpin for studio release schedule 

Celebrate The Holidays With Insight Editions And Star Wars

Bring the power of the Force to your needles with the first and only official Star Wars knitting book from Insight Editions, Star Wars:...