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Valve Confirms Half-Life: Alyx Release Date

Late last year, Valve announced a new Half-Life game to release in 2020. It was revealed to be the VR game Half-Life: Alyx, taking...

What is Bethesda Bringing to Their First E3 Conference?

Bethesda recently announced that they will be holding a press conference at E3 2015, coming up in June, and we thought this would be the perfect excuse to pull out our crystal ball and predict what Bethesda will be revealing…

Half Life 2 Receives Virtual Reality Treatment

Half Life 2 has received a virtual reality mod complete with head and gun tracking all of which is expected to support the highly anticipated Oculus Rift headset.

DC Universe Transitions Into an All Digital Comics Platform

After a lot of speculation, Warner Bros. has made it official. All original DC shows will make the jump to HBO Max as DC...