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First Trailer For Halo: Nightfall Released

There was a lot of Microsoft news going on lately, but a lot of their projects survived. One of those projects was Halo: Nightfall, a live action VOD style series that is planned to hit Xbox Live. The series is looking so good that Microsoft is even in talks to possibly bring the series to a paid cable network soon! If you've been anxiously awaiting this series, then you're in luck as the first teaser trailer for the show has landed at SDCC.  

Microsoft Confirms the Next Halo is Definitely Coming in 2014

Earlier today, Microsoft posted a blog on their official site to thank fans for an awesome 2013.  They also made mention of several games slated for this upcoming year, and fans were quick to notice the absence of the next game in the Halo franchise.  Never fear, however, as Microsoft has gone on to confirm that you WILL see the next Halo in 2014.  Come inside to see why it wasn't listed!

The Next Halo is a Mobile/PC Affair Only on Windows 8...

Fans of Halo are eager to see what's coming next Microsoft's most popular and successful franchise; a hype that only intensified when they caught wind that the company had registered domain names for Halo: Spartan Assault.  They've officially announced the game now...though it's not what you expect.  It's a mobile(ish) game featuring micro-transactions and everything. 

Ranked: Top Ten Things That Could Be A Movie

It is apparently acceptable these days for movies to be made from just about any basic concept. Toys, comic books, preteen novels – twenty years ago this would be called lazy writing. Today, it’s big business. Here is my list of the top ten things that may be worthwhile to see transformed into movies. Feel free to add your own - or roll your eyes. 

Video Games Hit Hollywood: CBS Options Deus Ex, New Writers for...

So a busy week for video game adaptations, huh?  Following the news that Michael Fassbender would be adapting Assassin's Creed, three projects circulating through Hollywood have been given some substantial updates.  Find out what's new for Deus Ex, God of War, and Halo below.

10 Video Game Movies That Have Fallen Off The Radar

TMP tracks down the current status of 10 of the most anticipated video game adaptations.

Build the Iconic NES Console in LEGO’s New Set

Video Game fans, collectors, and LEGO lovers have something new to look forward to with an impressively detailed NES building set! This morning LEGO...