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Batman Vs. Superman May Be Based on the Kingdom Come Comic

Zack Snyder’s upcoming project Batman vs. Superman may be taking its inspiration from the popular 1996 DC Comics mini-series Kingdom Come. 

Adam Driver is the frontrunner to play Batman’s crime-fighting partner Dick...


According to both theWrap and the Latino Review , Girls star Adam Driver is apparently the number one pick to play Dick Grayson, AKA Robin, AKA Nightwing in the Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman.


What Would Superman’s Creators Think About Man of Steel?

Many would say Superman has changed a lot in the 75 years since his first appearance. After being rebooted by DC Comics and given more emotional depth, the super hero received an effects-heavy sci-fi overhaul in the form of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. Comic book fans wonder what Superman creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, would thinks of the new directions their super hero has moved in since they brought him to life in Action Comics #1.

Henry Cavill Defends Affleck’s Casting


Henry Cavill, the current cinematic Superman, has weighed in on the controversial casting choice of Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. Cavill is “Very excited” about working with Affleck on the project.


Rumor Control: Has Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Already Signed on...

According to a story in Cosmic Book News, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has won the role of Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2, and may appear in several other DC films as well.

Eric’s Movie Review: Man of Steel

Just like many children of the 1970s, I had a hard time accepting what I saw in the first trailers for Man of Steel. How dare someone come along and try to tell me someone else could be Superman besides Christopher Reeve! I do love those movies with all my heart (yes, even the third and fourth ones), but it's been 35 years since we've really seen a new and truly unique vision of the world's first super hero. As much as I protested, the time had come.

New Wolverine, Iron Man 3, & Man of Steel images hit...

Check out these new images from 2013's upcoming superhero blockbusters The Wolverine, Iron Man 3, and Man of Steel!

Man of Steel Set Pics Show Off How Awesome the New...

Some new pictures from the set of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel in Plano, IL gets us up close and personal with Henry Cavill in the new Superman costume.  These close ups show off some new, and previously unseen details.

Michael Shannon is General Zod in ‘Superman: Man of Steel’

Warner Brothers is quickly turning Sunday from "The Day of Rest" into "The Day of Superman."  Mark Cavill was cast as Superman on a Sunday.  Amy Adams was cast as Lois Lane on a Sunday.  And now, Michael Shannon has been cast as antagonist General Zod on a Sunday.

Henry Cavill is Zack Snyder’s ‘Superman’

After months of anticipation, speculation, and many shouts of "Ooh, Jon Hamm", Warner Bros. have finally announced who will play Superman in the Zack Snyder's 2012 reboot.  The choice, however, may surprise you.

His Dark Materials: Lyra’a Oxford Gift Edition Coming This Fall

After the recent release of The Golden Compass Illustrated Edition an oversized, lavishly illustrated collector’s edition of Philip Pullman’s beloved fantasy classic, a now...