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Alien: Isolation’s Corporate Lockdown Add-On Launching Next Week

The first add-on for Sega's terrifying Alien: Isolation now has a release date and the first details on what gamers can expect when they download it.  Come inside to learn more!

Episodic Gameplay, Story Details, and Images for Resident Evil Revelations 2...

When Capcom announced Resident Evil Revelations 2 the other week, they did so without telling fans anything at all about the upcoming game.  We didn't know who the characters would be, what the story might entail...nothing.  Today, however, that changes as Capcom has released more information on the Episodic game (yep, coming in chunks), the story of the game, and our first images of gameplay.  Come inside to check it all out!

There’s No Escape as Alien: Isolation Goes Gold

Sega has been turning heads with every look we've gotten so far at their upcoming game, Alien: Isolation.  It looks like it very well could be the Alien game fans have been waiting for (especially after the disastrous release of Colonial Marines).  Today they've announced that the game has gone gold (meaning it's totally done) and to celebrate the event, they've kicked off a new series of trailers.  Come inside to check it out!

Resident Evil Remake Getting a Remastered Release for PS4 & Xbox...

Capcom announced this morning that the game that started it all, and kicked off the Resident Evil franchise, while redefining the survival-horror genre, is getting a special remastered version for the latest game console systems.  So even if you're playing the latest and greatest, you'll be able to re-live this classic game in stunning HD.  Come inside for the full announcement and some of the new screenshots!  

The Evil Within Looks Like the Stuff of Nightmares

Shinji Mikami (who created the the original Resident Evil games) is bringing the survival horror genre back to its roots, with his new game, The Evil Within.  Just in time for the Tokyo Game Show, he's released a brand new trailer for the game that's filled with atmosphere and all kinds of spookiness.  Come inside to check it out!

Build the Iconic NES Console in LEGO’s New Set

Video Game fans, collectors, and LEGO lovers have something new to look forward to with an impressively detailed NES building set! This morning LEGO...