Blu Review: The Vampire Lovers

Shout! Factory is quickly becoming one of my favorite outlets for hard to find classic horror titles. Their Scream! Factory line collects these rare films and gives them the high-definition treatment and attention to detail they deserve. They continue their ongoing mission with Hammer's 1970 film "The Vampire Lovers."

Amber Heard’s ‘All the Boys Love Mandy Lane’ finally gets release...

Seven years after it was made, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane will finally hit theaters this summer!

Evil Dead Remake Gets NC-17 Rating, Goes Back to Editing

 The original Evil Dead film was a low-budget hack-and-slash cult classic. The remake seems to have followed suit with the same relentless approach but taken it one step farther.  

Win a walk-on role in Insidious 2!

The director of Insidious 2 is looking for a fresh face, and it could be you!

Indie Beat: First Trailer for The Mulbury Project

Today's Indie Beat (and our first one with Cinelinx!) comes in the form of a trailer for a new sci-fi/horror film from the writers behind the video game Hitman: Absolution.  Come on in and check it out. 

The Host Monster Rises Again in First Footage From The Host...

The trailer for the upcoming sequel to the popular 2006 South Korean monster movie The Host has been released. The nail-biting newly released footage from The Host 2 looks very promising and fans of the first film will no doubt be excited.

BLU REVIEW: The Barrens (Vic’s Review)

The Movie Pool wanders into The Barrens Blu-ray!

Ranked: Top Ten Scariest Actors

Actors often get their accolades for doing drama, comedy, or even action, but it never seems like we properly recognize those actors which do a splendid job scaring us. This is a list of the top ten actors that are excellent at being scary. 

BLU REVIEW: Chained (Vic’s review)

The Movie Pool can't get away from Jennifer Lynch's Chained Blu-ray!

Ranked: Top Ten Horror Movie Cliches

I’ll admit, coming up with new ideas is not always easy. Furthermore, when it’s your job to create ideas and your performance is judged by how well those ideas are received, it’s understandable that you might use something that already has been proven to work. Horror movies are perhaps the best example if this. 

Hands On With the Stealth Core Trainer Workout Platform

We go hands on with a workout device (crazy, I know) that combines exercise and gaming in a way that feels both unique and...