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Nicolas Cage Teams Up With Richard Stanley to Film H.P. Lovecraft’s...


The studio behind 2018's acclaimed Mandy is adapting H.P. Lovecraft's Color Out of Space for film with Nicolas Cage in the leading role and Richard Stanley at the helm!  More within...

Blu Review: H.P. Lovecraft’s From Beyond:Collector’s Edition – Unrated Director’s Cut


H.P Lovecraft's From Beyond marks the second entry in Director Stuart Gordon's slate of films based on the writer's works. Shout! Factory delivers another cult classic on Blu-ray for the first time packed with extra features and consisting of an Unrated Director's Cut. It's just the sort of royal treatment this piece of 1980's horror history deserves.

Everything Is Canon: Huda F Are You?

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to Huda Fahmy all about her new book, Huda F Are You? which is described...