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“James Toback Humped My Leg In Central Park”



An Interview with the makers of Infinity Baby


Writer/Director Nathan Silver On The Fate and Form of Thirst Street

Thirst Street, a sordid trauma study with a twist on fairy tale idealizations, denotes a significant departure from Silver’s unbound form to something more staged and mannered. As the fate of Silver’s characters come to question, and the fabled nature of fate itself does too, we endure a Silver tragedy at its most pre-designed. 

From his usual outlines to a 25 page treatment, Thirst Street still maintains some of Silver's unscripted sensibilities. Dialogue was improvised. Shots were intuited on the day, guided by the atmosphere of a setting and the emotional necessities of a scene. Still it maintains a form, with a stylized beginning & end, and a more fluid, naturalistic, midsection. 

Nathan details the use of these new formal elements, the ways which they apply thematically to Thirst Street, and their current and hoped for evolutions in his future work. 

Thirst Street follows Gina (Lindsay Burge) an American flight attendant who, after the suicide of her husband, finds a dream in Paris worth living for. But, as we quickly discover, that dream ends up being just one in a slew of questionable authenticities. 

The Star Trek Controversy: CBS and Paramount vs. Fan Films

 Paramount Pictures and CBS TV have drawn a line in the sand to stop the creation of fan-made films based on Star Trek. Because of the increasing high-quality of fan projects like Star Trek Axanar, the two big corporations have initiated a series of new rules designed to limit the scope and proliferation of the many independently made Star Trek projects. Is this fair?

Director Fanny Veliz discusses true independent filmmaking

Filmmaker Fanny Veliz talks about her film Homebound and the struggle to find a place in Hollywood. 

Poster and Trailer Released for I Will Follow You Into the...

Today in Indie Beat, we have the first trailer and poster and for trailer for the upcoming paranormal drama film, I Will Follow You Into the Dark.  Come inside to check them out!

Focal Point: The Bare Necessities

In these trying times it's important to stick to only the essentials, and important concept in this week's Focal Point comic! We're back this...