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Forbidden Romance Turns Deadly in the Trailer for Lizzie

Next month brings about a brand new film based on the notorious Lizzie  Borden with a fresh take on the grizzly murders. Watch the first trailer here!

Horror Film Truth or Dare Gets a New Trailer

In today's Indie Beat, a brand new trailer for the indie horror film, Truth or Dare, (which has been winning awards all over the festival circuit) has a brand new trailer for you to enjoy.  Come inside to check it out and learn more about the film.

Deadly Revisions Gets its First Official Trailer

Today's Indie Beat brings us the first official trailer for Gregory Blair's upcoming horror film, Deadly Revisions.  Come inside to check out the film's teaser and learn more about it! 

Horror Film The Laughing Mask Gets a Teaser Trailer

In today's Indie Beat, we have the first teaser trailer for the upcoming horror film The Laughing Mask from Director Michael Aguiar, which was shot in only 28 days.  Come inside to learn more about the film and watch the teaser!

Indie Beat: First Trailer for Slasher Flick Teacher’s Day

Today in Indie Beat we've got the first trailer for the horror-comedy slasher movie Teacher's Day, which is set up to be something of a love letter to the old-school 80s horror films.  Come inside to check it out!

Indie Beat: First Trailer for The Mulbury Project

Today's Indie Beat (and our first one with Cinelinx!) comes in the form of a trailer for a new sci-fi/horror film from the writers behind the video game Hitman: Absolution.  Come on in and check it out. 

New Avatar Comic Takes the Story Beyond the First Film

Dark Horse has announced a brand new Avatar comic mini-series that will partially fill the gap between the James Cameron's first movie and the...