Run Your Store and Fight Monsters on the Go When Moonlighter...

This morning, 11 bit Studios announced the indie game Moonlighter is launching on the Nintendo Switch this November, allowing you to live out your shopkeeping/dungeon-crawling dreams. 

Prison Achitect, Everspace, and More Great Indie Titles Announced for Nintendo...

This morning Nintendo revealed three great indie titles are NOW available for the Switch to play, with a slew of others on the way. Come inside to learn more!

Gorogoa Launches For All Consoles and PC

Gorogoa is a beautiful puzzle game with hand drawn graphics that I’m a sucker for. It’s out now on all systems and you can find out more right here! 

Son of a Witch launches today on Steam, Switch in Fall

Son of a Witch is a Castle Crashers-esque roguelike that's out now on Steam and is coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall. With its procedurally generated dungeons and quests, it's sure to provide hours of fun. We've got the scoop and the game's launch trailer right here, so keep reading!

Stardew Valley Comes to Consoles in a Couple Weeks

The farming sim (but it's so much more than that) Stardew Valley has been impressing gamers since it original debuted on PCs earlier this year, and console gamers have been eager to get their chance to grow some crops, and today brings word of exactly when it will arrive on the PS4 and Xbox One.  

The Gorgeous Looking Hand-Drawn Platformer, Shu, Gets a Release Date

The game developers over at Coatsink have been hard at work on a new platforming game, Shu, that brings with it lovable looking characters and a colorful art style. After a lot of hard work, the game now has a release date and swanky new trailer to get you ready.  Come inside to check it out!

Kill a Dinosaur God in Retro Themed Dinocide Game

If there aren't enough retro-themed, 2D sidescrolling, dinosaur based games in your life on Steam, then Dinocide is exactly what you were looking for.  

The Escapists The Walking Dead Drops on PC/Xbox One Next Week

We knew The Walking Dead were going to invade the clever strategy title, The Escapists, back in July, but today reveals exactly when gamers will be able to download and play the title...and it's coming pretty soon!  

Gaming Indie Beat: Arclight Cascade Heads to Steam Greenlight

Hexdragonal, and Indie studio out of England is launching their first official game, Arclight Cascade, onto Steam's Greenlight program.  Come inside to learn more about the game, and why you may want to support it!

New Web-Based Game Seeks to Teach About the Evils of Bullying

With the recent shooting tragedy video games are once again getting something of a bad reputation.  Personally, I think blaming games is ridiculous, but if you're still on the fence, you should check out this new indie game that's sole purpose is to educate people on the perils of bullying. 

Viotek Reveals Massive 49-Inch Monitor

Get ready to give your eyeballs a treat and take your gaming and creativity to the next level with the latest ultra-wide Monitor from...