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The Biz: Disney Now Officially Owns Lucasfilm

We've know about Disney taking over Lucasfilm for quite some time now, and the Internet has been flooded with the hopes and dreams of us fanboys for what we want out of the next Star Wars films.  However, the deal wasn't set in stone...until today.  Contracts have been signed, hands were shook, and Disney now officially owns Lucasfilm. 

THQ Boss Explains Bankruptcy Proceedings

Sad news came this week with the announcement that THQ was filing for bankruptcy.  With a full slate of anticipated games coming out, many fans worried about what might happen.  Jason Rubin, president of publisher THQ, has issued a statement detailing the company’s move towards bankruptcy, and explains how it's not as bad as it seems, (even though it is an unsettling industry trend).

The Biz: Mark Millar to be Fox’s Creative Consultant on Marvel...

20th Century Fox, who still holds onto the rights to key Marvel Comics properties announced today that they've hired Mark Millar (a celebrated comic creator) to be the new creative consultant behind their upcoming Marvel related adapatations.  Perhaps this is their own effort to unify the various properties they have into one 'universe'. 

The Biz: 20th Century Fox Launches DIGITAL HD with Prometheus…Today

20th Century Fox announced today the launch of their DIGITAL HD service which will bring streaming HD content from their catalogue through a wide variety of devices.  The new service will bring more affordable prices (hopefully) and even early launches of films.  Take Prometheus for example.  It's availble to stream today, about three weeks ahead of its blu-ray release. 

Glasses-Free 3D A Possibility for Commercial Theaters…May Even Be Cheaper

Despite how many people feel on the issue, it doesn't look like 3D movies are going away any time soon.  One of my key issues with the format (besides it not being used optimally) has to deal with the glasses you have to wear in order to watch.  I wear normal glasses (shocking this day and age, I know) so every 3D movie forces me to put glasses over my glasses, resulting in an awkward and often uncomfortable experience.  One research group thinks it can rectify that problem with glasses-free 3D display technology designed for commercial theaters.

MGM, Google and Youtube Movie Rental Deal

In its latest partnership with MGMGoogle/Youtube has placed more than 600 movie titles on a list of accessible rentals on the website. Some of the well-known movies in their line-up so far include: West Side Story; Moonstruck; The Terminator; Robocop; Rain Man; and Rocky.

4 Ways to Fix the Oscars

The 84th Annual Academy Awards have wrapped up and the general consensus from most people is: it was okay. Personally, though, I hate that the standard for judging what should be the biggest event in the film industry, is by how it 'sucked less' than the year before. This should be an amazing and fun event for all people who are passionate about film, not just those who work in it. The show has been such a bore though, so I've thought of a few ways to fix the Oscars, and bring them back to where they should be.

Redbox Is Making a Streaming Subscription Service, And Teaming Up With...

So it's finally happened.  After months of waiting, we'll finally get to here more about Redbox's plans to move into the streaming/subscription service game.  It was only a matter of time before Redbox, arguably Netflix's biggest competitor, moved into the online market.  Now Redbox finally has, and has brought on a friend to help them: the biggest cell phone company in the United States of America—Verizon Wireless.  Read more about this potentially huge partnership after the break.  

Magisto Wants to Take Humans Out of the Editing Process

An all new web-based service is offering to take your un-edited videos and do it all for you, automatically by a computer and ready to share with the world in only a matter of minutes.  Maybe next they'll shoot it and everything for you too!

MGM is officially out of bankruptcy and ready to spend money!

Great news for the financially embattled movie company MGM, as the movie studio has released a press statement today proudly claiming their restructuring plan has become effective.  What this means is that the company is no longer in bankruptcy and as part of the deal, the new CEOs (from Spyglass Entertainment) walked away with $500 million in spending money to fund new projects.

Star Wars: Victory’s Price – An Alphabet Squadron Novel Has A...

Today we got our first look at the cover for "Star Wars: Victory's Price", the epic conclusion to the Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron trilogy! Looks...