Watch the Cinelinx/SCNS Injustice 2 Tournament Live

The tournament is finally about it begin! Join us for the inaugural SCNS Injustice 2 Tournament Powered by Cinelinx in the link below!

Cinelinx Presents the SCNS Injustice 2 Tournament This Thursday

This Thursday, the epic SCNS Injustice 2 Tournament gets underway and the trash talking has already begun!  Read what the competitors are saying below!

Cinelinx Presents the Live SCNS Injustice 2 Tournament Next Week

The fight for world domination is upon us with Warner Bros. Interactive's Injustice 2!  In honor of the cinematic fighting game, we will be hosting an epic tournament LIVE!

Who Will You Fight With in the Injustice 2 Preview Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive sets the stage for May 16th with the new video Everything You Need To Know About Injustice 2!  Take a look!

First Wave of Injustice 2 DLC Fighters Revealed

Injustice 2 is just a couple weeks away from release, which means it's a great time to look ahead to what eager fans can look forward to in the future.  This morning, we get a look at some additional fighters joining the fray in the first DLC pack! 

GameStop and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Join Forces with ESL in...

GameStop and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today that they will be teaming up with ESL, orignally the Electronic Sports League, to bring us an eSports experience that will be the first of its kind with Injustice 2!

Grodd is King in the Fourth Injustice 2 – Shattered Alliance...

The Shattered Alliances trailers continue to roll in and it's starting to get a little hairy!  Gorilla Grodd is forming a new alliance in the 4th trailer, called the Society!  Check it out below!

It’s Good to be Bad in the Latest Injustice 2 Trailer

The villains take center stage in the latest trailer for Injustice 2, showing off the various baddies you'll be up against this time around, and their unique moves.  Come inside to check it out!

Supergirl Brings Hope in the Latest Injustice 2 Story Trailer

The story for Injustice 2 continues to come into focus, as today brings about a brand new trailer for the game.  Come inside to check it out!

Unlikely Alliances Are Formed in the Part 2 Trailer for Injustice...

The second of the 2-part Shattered Alliances trailer for Injustice 2 is out!  Find out what's happened to Superman and who Batman brings in to his inner circle!

Focal Point: The Bare Necessities

In these trying times it's important to stick to only the essentials, and important concept in this week's Focal Point comic! We're back this...