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Avengers Animated Volume 3 DVD Review!

The Movie Pool loves the Marvel-ous Avengers Animated Volume 3 DVD! Sorry, that's our best Avengers pun.

The 8 Superheroes Who Represent American Ideals Better Than Captain America

I imagine at this point, most of America has seen Captain America. Well, not me!  My theater, in all its ineptitude, has decided to bring in Zookeeper for an extended stay rather than Captain America. So I'm stuck here, on the internet, silently watching as the masses fall in love with the movie.  But even though I haven't seen it yet, I know one thing for sure; Captain America does not represent America.  He represents patriotism, but not American ideals themselves.  For some reason or another, Captain America's superhero cohorts do a better job at representing the American ideals than the big, blue, boy scout himself.  While we're not exactly proud of it, here are the eight superheroes who better represent American ideals than Captain America.  These issues are prevalent everywhere...but when describing modern America, you would be hard pressed not to mention these issues.

Two Avengers Posters Revealed, Captain America and Iron Man

The Avengers is a lot closer than we think and right now they are blowing up San Diego Comic Con. With the recent Spider Man trailer and all The Avengers news, it makes those rumors of Marvel not showing up all the more dramatic huh?

The Avengers Will Make It Or Break It For All SuperHeroes

We all know an Avengers movie is coming out rather soon, next year actually. With that in mind plenty of Marvel fans are excited. Hell even I’m excited and I’m about as DC fanboy as it gets! However there are certain circumstances that are making me second guess the idea of pushing towards a grand finale before the show is even done. The Avengers are used entirely different as a comic book seres. They are the symbol of great new heroes and the first step used to lead into any major Marvel Comics event. However the film is simply coming out due to fan receptions and not because business calls for it, so lets look at the possibilities of its success. Or perhaps its possible failure.

The 10 Best Superhero Origin Stories Ever Put to Film

When it comes to superhero movies, nothing is more important than the origin story.  It sets up not just the character, but the tone and future plot points of the franchise to come (or in some cases, the movie itself).  If you botch this, then you’ve already botched the entire franchise potential (as seen from such classics as Daredevil or Punisher). And for a movie like this week’s Green Lantern, first impressions are everything.  If they don’t like the first outing, why would audiences come back for a second? Green Lantern needs to nail its origin story if it hopes to become the next big superhero franchise.  Here are eight other origin stories that Green Lantern should try to emulate if it wants to hit its mark.

Is Shane Black pursuing Iron Man 3?

Is this Marvel's new LETHAL WEAPON?  Or will Shane Black give the offer THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT?

Aren't puns great?

Jon Favreau is leaving the ‘Iron Man’ franchise

As a director, franchise burnout is one of the hardest things to deal with.  With our current climate of sequels and reboots, how far can a director go with the same character before getting sick of it? Imagine if you had to read the same book for 3 years.  As much as you like the book, it becomes to be a chore to read after a while.  We’ve seen the aftermath of franchise burnout with films such as Spider-Man 3, Transformers 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3.  Thankfully, we won't see it again with Iron Man 3.

No screen time for Iron Man until the ‘Avengers’

It looks like Iron Man gets to take a break after his battle with Whiplash before joining the superhero group.

The Casual Cinecast Discusses Five Easy Pieces, Loki, and More!

It's a new Casually Criterion episode in our latest Cinecast as we discuss Five Easy Pieces and share our thoughts on streaming TV. This...