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Bond Bits: Who’s The New Bond Girl? Is Jeffrey Wright...

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Judi Dench returning for ‘Bond 23’

The new Bond film continues to come together, now adding the always loveable M to the cast once again.

Bond 23 is back on track with an official release date

With all of the hub bub going on about The Hobbit, it's easy for MGM's other big money franchise to slip under the radar.  During MGM's financial troubles, production on Bond 23 had ground to a halt, and it was rumored that the James Bond license would be sold to someone else.  Now with money troubles out of the way, fans have been eager to see what would come of James Bond.  After several rumors and much speculation the producers have come forward.

23rd ‘Bond’ film is officially canned

Bond fans have much sorrow today as amisdt MGM's financial trouble, the next Bond film has gone from 'on hold' to completely 'cancelled'.

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