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First Photos: Seth Rogen’s The End of the World—Look At All...


Wanna see how Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, and a crapton of other celebrities would deal with the impending apocalypse?  Then boy, do I have the movie for you! 

What’s New with The Muppets 2: Jason Segel Isn’t Even Doing...


Pre-production on The Muppets 2 is starting to heat up as the film approaches it's eventual release, and we have a few new details to work with in terms of what it will be about.  Hit the jump to find out what we can expect from the comedy sequel!

The Muppets (2011) Blu-ray Review!


The Movie Pool loves the little felt people in The Muppets Blu-ray!

Jeff, Who Lives At Home


Austin favorites, Jay and Mark Duplass, screened their new film Jeff Who Lives At Home, follow up to much loved Cyrus, at the Austin Film Festival. Reinforcing their great talent in creating comedies with a lot of heart and real emotion, the film follows what seems like the typical slacker character and turns him into an unexpected hero. Starring two of television’s busiest and best loved comedic actors, Jason Segel and Ed Helms, the films plays with the idea of fate and tells a great story about family and humanity.

Bad Teacher: TMP Reviews


Some audiences just don't give an F - or that's what the studios are banking on right about now. A quick look over at Rotten Tomatoes reveals that the ratings for 'Bad Teacher' are falling fast, but will audiences really let that stop them from seeing Cameron Diaz in an extended Daisy-Duke-Car-Wash scene? We'll see.

Regardless, I guess I'm in the minority here because I though the movie was funny...well, it was funny enough.

Hasbro Goes to the 80s for Star Wars: Droids Inspired Figures

Hasbro has revealed some new toys recapturing the magic of the 80s cartoon, Star Wars: Droids! As part of their ongoing Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary...