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Top Ten Toy Reviews of 2014

SO I decided to take a look back at which toys I thought were best that I had reviewed. After a so many reviews it was very hard to decide but I broke it down to just new releases this year. So check em out with links to the original reviews in case you missed them. Happy New Year all!

Tuesday Toy Review: Catwoman, Yoda, and Gipsy Danger

So a cat barglar, a Jedi master and a giant robot walk into a bar. So we are back and closing out the new year with a menagerie of figures. Catwoman is an improvement in this line, Yoda is needing some impovements, but the Gipsy Danger is spot on!

Toy Review Tuesday: Masterpiece Bumblebee and G1 Bumblebee

This week's new episode of Toy Review Tuesday is bringing you a pair of Bumblebee's together, from the tiny (but impressive) Masterpiece version of the figure, all the back to the G1 toy.  Come inside to check out my thoughts on these transformers!

Picks From the Rack: Deadpool, Army of Darkness, Secret Six &...

Picks from the Rack is back after the holidays, and ready to talk about this week's newest comic releases to help you decide what's worth picking up and what should be left behind. Suprisingly a DC book is my favorite this week.  Come inside to check it all out! 

Toy Review Tuesday: Legacy Titanus

We're going big for the newest episode of Toy Review Tuesday by taking a look at the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers' Legacy Megazord Titanus, a giant toy from Bandai.  Come inside to check out our thoughts on the big toy and whether or not it's big price point is worth it! 

Spider-Man, Carnage, Deadpool & More in This Week’s Picks From the...

It was a full week on Picks From The Rack (covering November 19th's releases). We looked at Axis #6 where everyone has completely lost their minds. Carnage #2 which we already know Cletus Cassidy is out of his mind, Deadpool #37 has Deadpool going what I can only call crazy/sane. Gaurdians of the Galaxy is setting things up for out trip to the planet of the symbiotes with Flash Thompson losing control of the symbiote. Amazing Spider-Man #10 is seeing a more hardcore faction of the building spider-army with the return of the Superior Spider-Man

All New Captain America, Batgirl, & More in This Week’s Picks...

Marvel really shook things up this week and I can only say WHOA!.  This week on Picks From the Rack there are a plethora of great titles worth picking up including All New Captain America #1, Superior Iron Man #1, Thor #2, plus many more! Come inside to check out our thoughts on the latest releases in one quick video.

Toy Review Tuesday: Arcee Comparisons

I understand I'm a day late but I was making a special set of vids. See I was able to procure a Hasbro Generations Arcee before they hit shelves but I also picked up Mastermind Creations Azalea the Avenger. On top of that I have the Perfect Effect Motobot RC 1. So I decided to do all three of them to show you some of the things available in the buyers market for Arcee figures.

Toy Review Tuesday: Kamen Rider Drive

Welcome to another new episode of Toy Review Tuesday, in which I take a look at all of the Kamen Rider Drive materials including the figures and drive itself.  Come inside to find out if these are worth your time and money for collectibles, or if you should save up for something else.  

Picks from the Rack October 8th 2014

In an all new episode of Picks from the Rack we're taking a looking at this week's comic book releases of Batgirl, Hawkeye vs. Deadpool, Rocket Racoon and the newest Marvel Crossover Avengers and X-Men: Axis. 

Everything Is Canon: We Could Be Heroes

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks with author Mike Chen about his new book We Could Be Heroes! We Could Be Heroes...