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Rated: Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Zero Dark Thirty is unique in that it not only depicts the historic event that marked the end of the post 9/11 era in American history, but the movie itself feels like it marks the end of an era of film making as well. Fortunately, being of historical importance is not the film’s best attribute; it’s also highly enjoyable and exciting to watch.   

Rated: Lawless (2012)

While Tom Hardy has yet to win any prestigious awards commemorating his skills as an actor, his popularity has been increasing. His break-out role in Inception has put his name in the spotlight, and his performance as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises left little doubt as to his potential. Lawless features another solid performance by the English actor and continues his streak of strong, likeable performances. 

Texas Killing Fields Blu-ray Review!

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6 Actors Who Simply Ruled 2011

Some actors have greatness from the beginning, while some develop greatness overtime. Whatever the case may be, these six actors featured below delivered star performances in a great many films, and were forever in the public eye in this past year. And in my eyes, that is a great achievement worthy of praise. I wouldn't exactly call this a list of the best actors of the year; more like the most popular, most relevant in the public eye. From veterans to newcomers, these are the six actors who established a foothold on their popularity in the year of 2011.

The Help Blu-ray Review!

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Star Wars: Victory’s Price – An Alphabet Squadron Novel Has A...

Today we got our first look at the cover for "Star Wars: Victory's Price", the epic conclusion to the Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron trilogy! Looks...