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Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous DVD Review

The Movie Pool turns the page on the Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous motion comic DVD!

‘Doctor Horrible 2’ Will Hit Cameras This Summer, Says Joss Whedon

 After over four years of wait, Dr. Horrible fans will finally get there musical fix as the second installment in the series hits cameras. But when is the earliest fans can expect to actually see the film? And for that matter, in what format? Find out what we suspect after the break.

New Avengers Trailer Should Now Be Considered the Official Definition of...

The brand new Avengers trailer that launched today is the very definition of epic, and might well be one of the most exciting things you'll see until May 4th. 

The New ‘Avengers’ Poster is Either Badass or a Photoshop Mess

Sadly we have to wait one more day to see the brand new, full lenth Avengers trailer, but Disney understands your pain.  So to compensate, they've realeased the brand new one sheet for the film!  Only...I'm not entirely sure it's even that good.  But I'll let you decide for yourself after the jump!

Does ‘The Avengers’ already have a teaser trailer?

Marvel might be giving us a surprise this summer; Will Thor or Captain America have a sneak preview of The Avengers?

‘The Avengers’ will film in New Mexico; Start date set

New Mexico has quickly become a beacon for the biggest and brightest shoots of the decade.  Films such as Transformers 2, Terminator: Salvation, Thor, and Indiana Jones 4 have all graced New Mexico with their lofty presence.  But New Mexico will now be the home of it’s biggest film production yet; Marvel’s highly anticipated The Avengers.

Nerds rejoice! Whedon is confirmed for ‘The Avengers’

After much speculation and rumor circulating the web, Joss Whedon has confirmed what we all hoped: he will direct The Avengers.

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