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Joysticking: TFGP Plays Rocket League

We decided to have Eric and Ransom from TFGP play some Rocket League.  What happens is anything but a tutorial on how to successfully play the game.

N00b1ng – Rocket League – Matt vs BC

While the SCNS Live gang was at Quakecon, they decided to have an impromptu N00b1ng with Rocket League on PC.  Matt and BC took the pitch with Chris and Jason the X on commentary. Enjoy!

N00b1ng Ep. 1 – The Madden Effect

With Super Bowl Sunday only a few days away, we decided that for our inaugural episode of N00b1ing we'd play some Madden football with our resident Madden expert Matt who's going to put total sports game n00b Jason through his paces.  Come inside to check out what happens!

Machinehood – Book Review

Hugo Award nominee S.B. Divya (Runtime) is back with Machinehood, an action-packed sci-fi thriller about artificial intelligence, sentience, and labor rights in the near...