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First Official Jurassic World Poster Released

The Jurassic Park franchise is returning to the big screen next Summer with Jurassic World, and while we've seen a few tease here and there, tonight we get our first official piece of marketing, in the form of a movie poster!  Come inside to check it out.

Lord Richard Attenborough Gets Immortalized in Jurassic World

Over the weekend, the sad news came in that Lord Richard Attenborough has passed away shortly before his 91st birthday.  Attenborough is well known for many projects, but many later generations knew well from his portrayal of John Hammond in Jurassic Park.  Jurassic World has finished filming and today, the film's director took to twitter to show off a new image that shows how Attenborough's character will be remembered in the film...

Jurassic World has Finished Filming

It's a very exciting time, as director Colin Trevorrow has announced that filming on Jurassic World has officially wrapped.  This means, the film is now entering into it's full on post-production phase, which is where many of the dinosaurs will be coming to life.  Come inside to see the teasing image Trevorrow posted in his announcement.  

Exclusive Jurassic World Poster Announced for SDCC

An exclusive Jurassic World poster has been announced for a select few during this year's San Diego Comic-Con.  It's the first real marketing we've seen for the upcoming return to the franchise, and it's as awesome as you hoped.  Come inside to check out the full poster and a slight variation on it!  

Brochure Offers up a Look at Jurassic World’s Fully Functioning Theme...

Jurassic World is still filming, but we know some details already thanks to director Colin Trevorrow setting the record straight and confirming some rumors.  In the new film, Jurassic World is a fully functioning theme park, doing exactly what John Hammond was trying to accomplish in the first film.  As such, the new theme park has merchandies and brochures for attendees to enjoy.  Now, one of these brochures has leaked online and offers us a look at the park and a list of dinosaurs on the island.  Come inside to check it out!

Looks Like Jurassic World’s Velociraptor’s Will be as Terrifying as Ever

While filming is still going for Jurassic World, and we've seen a few images from the upcoming film, it's understandable that we haven't seen any dinosaurs just yet.  While the director has teased one, and we've seen concept art of what the new dino will look like, we're still mostly left in the dark.  Many of the dino interactions will happen with the help of computer generated effects, but we know practical animatronic dinosaurs are being used as well...and now we get to see one.  Come inside to check out the first look at a Raptor from the film. 

New Jurassic World Images Officially Released!

While filming the latest installment of the Jurassic Park series, Universal Pictures decided to release a little hors d'oeurves, if you will.  Come on in and check out some of the screenshots of Jurassic World.

Concept Art Shows Off What Jurassic World’s Diabolus-Rex Could Look Like

Colin Trevorrow is currently filming Jurassic World, and last week confirmed some of the plot detail rumors that have been floating around.  While we know an all new dinosaur (genetically engineered and didn't actually exist) will be hitting the big screen, we've had no idea what it would look like.  Some concept art has landed online showing off what could be our first look at the D-Rex.  Come inside to check it out.

Director Colin Trevorrow Confirms Jurassic World Rumors

So little is known of Jurassic World at this point, other than it's filming.  A few weeks ago, rumors started circulating about certain plot details, and many fans scoffed at the idea, though now the director himself, Colin Trevorrow, has finally spoken up to confirm that those plot leaks are, in fact, accurate.  Come inside to learn more about the film (if you don't mind being a tad spoiled) and see what the director had to say. 

Colin Trevorrow Reveals an Original Jurassic Park Actor Returning for Jurassic...

Most of what we know so far about Jurassic World is that the film is supposed to be a 'soft' reboot of sorts to the franchise.  It will acknowledge the events/films from before but will move things forward with new people and new storyline.  For the most part, fans assumed that this would mean none of the original cast would return (hoping only for a cameo), but director Colin Trevorrow has revealed that at least one person from the original film will be popping up.  Come inside to see who it is!

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Ballantine Books, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House, announced that Ready Player Two, the sequel to Ernest Cline's novel Ready Player One, will be...