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Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, or Keanu Reeves As Robocop?

Robocop is going down in my classics collection of loved movies. It was groundbreaking for the sci-fi genre, and today it has aged into something timeless. While the film is still fresh in our minds, Hollywood isn't holding back on an attempt to reboot the franchise, in ways you won't believe.

Keanu Reeves as Akira’s Kaneda? ….”No Way Dude”

Keanu Reeves accents engage! Pun aside this is some pretty interesting news. Akira is one of the more popular productions coming out of Japanese Anime and Warner Bros. has some interesting plans to make it a live action flick.

The Script for ‘Bill and Ted 3’ is Done

Which makes this both the raddest and the saddest article I will write today.

[Update] Keanu Reeves promises us a ‘Matrix’ 4 and 5

[Update] Well, it looks as though this rumor has been debunked.  The Playlist spoke with Keanu's reps and have confirmed that he was never in London where this interview supposedly took place.  Apparently, it's all made up.

[Original Article]

Is it a last desperate bid for attention from a quickly fading actor?  Or is there some truth to what Keenu Reeves is saying? Either way, he seems excited.  Bless his heart.

Is it possible for a revival of ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent...

Last week Keanu Reeves sat down with MTV to discuss the possibility of a third installment of ‘Bill & Ted’. Reeves has been...

Watch and Win Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox One!

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