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TFGP AfterHours Podcast #5 Kickstarters and Movie Awards

Join Chris, Garrett, Shelby and Eric for a new episode of TFGP AfterHours.   You can also listen or download it here. ...

[Update] Double Fine’s Broken Age: Kickstarter-backers to receive the game tomorrow!


[Update: Looks like they've announced a release date for everyone else now!] Kickstarter-backers of Broken Age are in for a treat as they are due to recieve the game tomorrow. With a large fanbase following Double Fine's Kickstarter project, Broken Age is expected to be a huge hit.

The Fathergamer Podcast #29 – Michael Mendheim Speaks!


This week on TFGP, Eric and Jordan welcome Michael Mendheim, the creator of the original Mutant League Football game on the SNES and Genesis to the show.  Inside Michael talks about what he's working on, what games he's playing (or not playing), and dishes on what he learned from his recent unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign to reboot the retro franchise.  Come inside to hear what this gaming legend has to say!

The Fathergamer Podcast #27

  In this episode of TFGP, we discuss the latest gaming news.We also tackle the validity of Kickstarter and give a report card...

2nd Opinion Podcast Episode #346 | THE REUNION SHOW

“In this episode, the original hosts are reunited in a special video episode.  Jason “Skelly” Belec, Jeremy “ToasterMcghee” Roughan, and Caleb “Soleb” Gayle! The...