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Cinema of Attractions Week 2 – New Rewards and Expansion Revealed!

We're entering the second week of our campaign for the all new Cinema of Attractions card game, and with it comes along new rewards for backers as we make our way towards the half-way mark!  Come inside to check it out!

Pitch Your Own Movie Ideas in New Card Game, Cinema Of...

If you thought we were sitting on our laurels after the release of our Cinelinx Card Game (and a handful of expansions), you were wrong!  We're happy to finally be pulling back the curtain on our latest endeavor, a brand new tabletop game that puts you in the role of a filmmaker pitching over-the-top movies to Hollywood studios!  Read on to learn more about our Cinema of Attractions Kickstarter campaign and how you can help.  

Romero and Carmack Return to FPS With The Blackroom

The original creators of Doom, which turned the FPS genre into the mainstream giant it is today, are returning to their roots with a brand new game, The Blackroom...But the need your help to get it made.  Come inside to learn more!

Hands-On With City Of The Shroud: A Narratively Experimental RPG

Continuing my series of sharing the most interesting titles from this year's UK EGX Rezzed event, I want to talk about the incredibly exciting new tactical RPG by Abyssal Arts.

Meet the Characters of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Enigami and Focus Home Interactive, developer and publisher of the new action-rpg kickstarter, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom would like you to meet the heroes of their epic tale.  Read on to find out more as well as some new screenshots.

Ex-Darksiders Devs Open Kickstarter for JRPG

If you loved Darksiders then you know there was a companion comic book series that went alongside it. The developers behind the games want to look at another comic book series titled Battle Chasers and bring it to life in a JRPG style. 

Gaming Indie Beat: Disciples of the Storm Heads Back to Kickstarter

Look out, RTS gaming fans, a new dev team has picked up the mantel of the classic strategy title Netstorm: Islands at War and have come back to Kickstarter in the hopes of fully funding a spiritual successor, Disciples of the Storm.  Check out what they're hoping to accomplish and why it might be worth your time (and money).

TFGP Kickstarted Episode #2

In this brand new episode of The Fathergamer Podcast: Kickstarted we interview Chris Cicchitelli about his CastleHUB Universal Smart Home Intelligence crowdfunding campaign, from what it is, and why it's worth taking a look. Come inside and have a listen!

Dark Comedy, Camino, Looking for Help on Kickstarter

In today's Indie Beat a brand new comedy film (with a dark twist to it), is looking for some funding help in order to pad out their cast and make the best possible movie they can.  In just a few days they're already past the half-way point, but need just a little more to push them over the top.  Come inside to learn more and see how you can help!

Raise Your Own Superhero Children in This New Kickstarter

There's a new game on KickStarter that's looking to let you raise your very own superhero from birth until they take flight and fight crime on their own, which might just be worth your time to invest in.  Check out all the details and find out how you can help it become a reality inside! 

DC Universe Transitions Into an All Digital Comics Platform

After a lot of speculation, Warner Bros. has made it official. All original DC shows will make the jump to HBO Max as DC...