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High-End PC Gaming That Only Needs Two Inches of Space

So you want a high-end PC game machine, but don't want to take up a bunch of space for a nice computer set-up, and enjoy the feel of normal console gaming?  Well, the new G-Pack machine from PiixL might be exactly what you need, and they're on KickStarter looking to get help.  Come inside to learn more!

Tech Talk: MantelMount KickStarter Lands Funding in Less Than 30 Minutes

If there's one thing movie buffs love, it's their home entertainment set up.  Being able to watch movies in the best possible way is the goal of many cinephiles, and every now and then, some cool technology comes out to make it even better.  A new wall mount for your flat screen recently hit KickStarter for funding, and managed to nail it's goal, and triple it, in only a few hours. Come inside to learn more about it and see whether or not it's something you'll want to contribute to as well!

Disciples of the Storm Kickstarter is in Need of Help

Indie developers Storm Isle Productions is nearing completion on their kickstarter and need your help.

New Technology Wants You To Control the Outcome of a Film

Remember those choose your own adventure stories as a kid?  The ones where you make decisions for the character and the story would change depending on the page you turned to.  Well, someone is taking that idea and giving filmmakers the chance to craft movies in the same way, allowing the audience watching to decide what happens next on the screen.  Come inside to learn more about this technology and how to help make it a reality.  

MIA: The Stomping Land Goes Dormant After Successful KickStarter

All sorts of new and amazing games are springing up on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter.  These are great tools for game developers to present new ideas to the masses, and provides gamers the chance to try out something different. Not all games have a fairy tale ending, however, and sometimes gamers get burned on the promise of something intriguing, only to be completely ignored and cast aside after helping to fund the project.  Such is the case with The Stomping Land, and we decided to look into it. 

The VR Trinity Magnum Motion Controller Takes to KickStarter

Virtual Reality gaming is seeing a surge with both the Oculus Rift and Sony's newly announced Morpheus vying to take gamers to an all new level.  But, other VR accessories are coming to enhance the experience further.  Much like the Oculus Rift, Trinity's Magnum motion controller (which is getting a lot of positive buzz from leading industry people) is taking to KickStarter in order to secure funding.  Come inside to learn more about the controller and how you can help!  

Harmony Gold Kickstarts a New Robotech Series

Harmony Gold, an American production company, has created a Kickstarter to gauge how much of a new Robotech series they can produce.

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter is Live

Reading Rainbow is coming back but it needs your help.  June 2012 the Reading Rainbow app came online and with its interactive books it became the #1 educational app downloaded on ITunes.  With unlimited books and interactive field trips it became something for the next generation including my own children. But now a Kick starter has been launched because an app isn’t enough. Reading Rainbow needs to come back to homes everywhere. LeVar Burton has put together a plan to get Reading Rainbow to the web, have a specialized classroom version, and give it free to schools in need.


The Martial Arts Kid Looks for Funding on Kickstarter

Indie filmmakers have more funding options than they've ever had in the past, giving movie ideas, which may not have commercial studio appeal, the chance to still be made.  In today's Indie Beat, I thought I'd highlight The Martial Arts Kid, which is taking to Kickstarter to fund the flick (already boasting a cast of major martial artists).  Come inside to learn more!

TFGP AfterHours Podcast 6 Award Winners, Love and Lost Icons

This week we discuss the winners of the Cinelinx Movie Awards. We also talk about our favorite romantic movies and the awesome success of our Kickstarter and we end the episode by talking about the deaths of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Shirley Temple Black.

Beast Wars Figures Return to Transformers Toy Line!

During today's continuation of Hasbro PulseCon, the toy makers revealed new Transformers action figures, including the return of Maximals and Predacons!  On top of releasing...